How To Get More Followers On Instagram Threads

Are you looking to get more followers on Instagram Threads? Threads is the new app developed by Instagram team recently which allows users to share text updates and join conversations.

If you’ve also joined the Threads and still finding out who else is there and how to increase your account’s reach by getting followers then you are at right place.

Here in this guide, we will discuss how do you get yourself more followers on Threads? Here’s what you need to know to increase your follower count.

Here are some ways to boost your follower count on Instagram Threads

1. Via Your Instagram Account

The main way of getting followers on Threads is through your Instagram Account.

When you sign up in Threads account you can automatically send follower requests to all of your existing followers on Instagram.

If they’ve already signed up for Threads they will see your follower request from you and follow you back.

2. Post Regular Threads

Posting regularly and frequently threads is a key strategy to increase followers especially during this initial time of using the app.

Engaging content sharing increase your chances of visibility by more people on the app and attracts more followers.

By analyzing your target audience try and aim for a post every few hours in a day. It will boost your chances of increasing followers because site is in its infancy.

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3. Try To Post Visual Content

For a greater chance of being seen and get more followers you can use visual content like photos, memes, GIFS, videos etc. in your thread posts.

4. Link Instagram Account With Threads

Linking the Instagram Account with Threads account significantly help you to accumulate more followers.

When your Instagram followers and new people who visit your Instagram profile discover your presence on Threads, they will be more interested to engage with your content on Threads also.

5. Create Engaging Content

It is one of the most effective way to increase followers on any social media platform including Threads.

Focus on creating the engaging content like inspirational, motivational, educational, entertaining with photos, videos etc. which resonate your target audience.

It leads to increase your visibility and growth of your followers count.

6. Connect With Other Users

Search for those accounts which aligns with your interest and start following them. Building connections with other users is very crucial to increase your followers and reach.

Establish your presence on the app encourage others to follow you back by actively participating in conversations and supporting fellow users.

7. Like, Comment And Share The Threads

To gain visibility within the community of Threads show some appreciation to other users’ by liking, commenting and sharing their threads.

8. Share The Link Of Your Threads Account In Your Instagram Story

To get followers you can also share the link of your threads account in your Instagram Story. To do so follow these steps:

  • Open Threads and click on the “Share Profile” option.
  • Now, copy the link of your profile.
  • Open your Instagram Account and open the stories section.
  • Now, Share the Link of your profile.