How to Fix Discord Verification Code is Invalid

Discord is an app that lets people communicate with their friends easily.

Discord is a widely popular app as it lets the user livestream videos and chat with their friends at the same time.

Due to such reasons it is widely used by gaming communities to keep up with their friends and close ones.

What is Discord Verification Code?

Discord sends a verification code when it needs to verify some information about any user.

It is a code that is time limited and will expire soon if not used within the time limit provided by Discord.

Due to that, many times people face the issue of the verification code being invalid. 

Reasons For Discord Showing Invalid Verification Code

Some of the reasons for Discord showing Invalid Verification Code can be that the either the code has been expired or it is not entered correctly in the verification space.

Other reasons could be that used browser is not compatible with Discord’s verification system or the internet is slow and unstable. 

There can be various reasons why discord might be showing that the verification code is invalid.

Below are given some of the reasons due to which your verification code is showing invalid:

  • Sometimes it is possible that the Discord verification code that you have entered in your verification page has some typos or mistakes.
  • It could have also happened that the verification code given to you by Discord have expired.
  • There are some browsers which are not compatible with Discord’s verification system and this may cause the issue.
  • Unstable or slow internet connection which is making Discord have issues while sending the verification code.
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How to Fix Invalid Discord Verification Code?

To fix Discord verification code invalid issue, make sure that you are typing the code correctly and your code has not been expired before use.

Also ensure that your browser is compatible with Discord and also disable and re-enable two factor authentication for Discord.

In this guide, we will explain in detail to you how to fix your Invalid Discord verification Code issue:

Fix 1: Input the Code Correctly into Verification Space

The discord verification code contains letter, numbers and special characters due to which you could make a mistake if not checked and entered properly.

It could happen to anyone so don’t panic, just go back and check out the verification code again and then try to enter the correct code.

It should work smoothly after you have fixed the mistake that you made while typing the code.

Fix 2: Re-Generate the Expired Discord Code

Discord verification codes are time sensitive and it expires quickly within the time period set by Discord and that is provided to you by them.

This makes the code invalid when you are unable to put the correct verification code within the given time in the verification page.

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In such cases you can always request a new code by Discord.

You can then type the new verification code and you will be able to verify your information.

Fix 3: Browser not compatible with Discord’s Verification system

Many a times, there are chances to have the browser’s compatibility issues with Discord.

In such case, try alternate browser to logging into Discord account that supports the Discord’s Verification system.

You can resolve the issue of verification by using a browser that are compatible with Discord’s verification system.

Fix 4: Disabling and Re-Enabling Two factor Authentication

You can also try to disable the two factor authentication system from Discord app.

After you have successfully disabled it you can then again re-enable the Discord app.

Then you can close the app and start the app again so that the app gets refreshed which will help it to run smoothly.

This might solve the issue by resetting the entire verification process and you can enter a new code provided by Discord.

Fix 5: Check your internet connection

You can check your internet connection and make sure that it is stable and fast.

This issue may be caused due to not having a stable and fast internet connection.

In such case contact your service provider to fix the issue and to make your internet connection smoother.

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After you are able to connect to a stable internet, your verification code should show up and not remain invalid.

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