Is The Relay For Reddit App Shutting Down?

Reddit is a popular website for sharing news and interactions on a broad range of topics. The third-party apps make browsing Reddit very convenient for users, particularly in reducing the number of ads.

After the popular Reddit is Fun app was discontinued by Reddit on 30 June 2023 as a result of recent API and policy changes.

Many users have turned to alternatives to Reddit is Fun app. Relay for Reddit is one such third-party app that has similar features to Reddit is Fun.

Several third-party apps have been shut down and it is only fair to wonder which apps will remain usable.

But there are speculations now that Relay for Reddit is shutting down as well. If you use Relay for Reddit or wanted to switch to it then it is important to know if the app is shutting down or not.

This article will discuss what is Relay for Reddit and if the Relay For Reddit app is shutting down.

What is Relay For Reddit App?

Relay for Reddit is similar to Reddit is Fun, a third-party app launched in 2013 and is made available for Android devices.

The highlights of the app are mentioned below:

  • Combine multiple subreddits into a single feed.
  • Simultaneous loading of links and comments with a simple swipe action.
  • Navigation through comments like collapsing comment threads, inline previews of comments and parent comments.
  • The interface is inspired by Material design.
  • Various colourful theme options that you can customize to your preference and night/day mode.
  • Allows inline Preview of multimedia.
  • Filter out subreddits that you disliked and reply straight from your inbox.
  • Emoticons from Rageface and MLP and high-resolution thumbnails.

Is Relay For Reddit App Shutting Down?

No, the Relay for Reddit app is not shutting down but changing to a subscription-based business model.  It will continue to be free to use till the subscription model is rolled out.

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This is also made clear by its developer DBrady in his Reddit post in which he also mentioned working out several price points for subscriptions and trying to keep them low.

He also mentioned the pro version of the Relay app which will be free to use till the subscription model is released. The app is working on Android devices.

Although the free version of the Relay for Reddit app will shut down after the subscription model is released because of the recent Reddit API changes.

The third-party apps will need to follow the restrictions of API for NSFW content.

The subscription cost is the result of recent API changes in Reddit that has huge cost implications and to continue providing service to their users, Relay for Reddit app is switching to a subscription model.

However, users are not very happy with the subscription model as NSFW content will be restricted as per the new policy of Reddit that will not allow third-party apps for NSFW content.

Relay for Reddit app is one of the third-party apps that has survived the recent changes of Reddit and is working out a way to continue providing service to their users.

It is worth considering the benefits and features Relay for Reddit app offers for an ad-free Reddit browsing experience.

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