Is Reddit Is Fun Still Working?

Reddit is a popular website where people share news and chat about different topics. There was an app called “Reddit Is Fun” (RIF) that made using Reddit even better. But as of June 30, 2023, this app is no longer working.

Why did this happen? Reddit made some new rules. They said that apps like RIF can’t be used anymore. These apps were great because they made using Reddit easier and had fewer ads.

The shutdown of RIF is a direct result of recent changes in Reddit’s policy regarding the use of third-party applications. Reddit has banned the use of such apps, which were often used by users to improve their experience on the platform, particularly to reduce the number of ads.

This ban has led to the removal of RIF from the Play Store and the announcement of its shutdown by the developers on their official subreddit.

But now, Reddit Is Fun App has been removed from the Play Store and stopped from working.

Reddit also made another big change. They said that if apps like RIF want to use Reddit’s tools (known as APIs), they have to pay a lot of money.

It would cost about $20 million each year for an app like RIF to keep running. That’s way more money than RIF makes.

Reddit Is Fun shutting down

Another change is about ads. Reddit is stopping ads in apps like RIF. Ads were how RIF made money. Now, Reddit wants users of these apps to pay a subscription fee. But the official Reddit app still makes most of its money from ads.

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Reddit is also removing content that is not safe for work (NSFW) from apps like RIF. But this type of content is still allowed in the official Reddit app.

Some people think that Reddit might remove all NSFW content, even though they recently made it easier to upload this type of content on their website.

Even with these new rules, you can still use apps like RIF if you pay a subscription fee. This is similar to what Twitter does. But the cost is too high for many people.

So, the app “Reddit Is Fun” is no longer working because of these new rules from Reddit. We don’t know if it will come back or if other apps like it will be available in the future.

As Reddit keeps changing, people who use it and make apps for it will have to adjust.

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