Why Is Reddit Logo or Icon Pixelated?

Reddit has released the new logo of their iOS and Android app which is a pixelated image of the famous Reddit mascot “Snoo”.

Reddit is a popular discussion website for various topics, hobbies and interests. The famous logo of the alien’s head is very identifiable and eye-catching.

But with the recent release of the icon, many users of the app are taken by surprise with the new icon of the iOS and Android app that appears to be pixelated.

If you have also noticed the pixelated icon of the Reddit app then read this article to find out why is Reddit icon pixelated and what can you do.

Reason For Pixelated Reddit Logo or Icon

The latest update of the Reddit app is the new icon which is a pixelated image of its famous alien head.

It is pixelated because it is a way to promote the r/Place subreddit which was introduced for April Fools in 2017.

In honour of the r/Place subreddit, Reddit has made the logo pixelated. The subreddit was a large digital art project that was started on 1st April 2017.

Digital art allowed the users to visit the subreddit r/Place and place a coloured pixelated square on a blank virtual canvas wherever they want. However, they could place one coloured square every five minutes.

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The large art was a collaborative effort of a million users who participated and created a very unique digital art.

It includes a Mona Lisa picture, various country flags, Steve Irwin holding a crocodile etc.

Reddit launched the r/Place subreddit again after five years in April 2022, giving users another opportunity to create digital art for five days.

As a result, the logo of Reddit is now pixelated to reminisce the r/Place subreddit digital art.

Reaction Of The Reddit Users For The Pixelated Icon

While some users have accepted it as a memory of the digital art that was created by millions of users together which was a part of the April Fools event.

Many people are surprised by the pixelated icon and also confused it as a glitch in the app. The smooth OrangeRed icon is missed by the users that better represented Reddit’s identity.

What Can You Do About The Pixelated Reddit Icon?

Fortunately, Reddit users can change the icon if they want and select from the various available icons.

If you are a free user of Reddit then there are very limited choices for the icon. If you want to change the pixelated icon then you have the option of the illustration of the Doge meme which is called Doge.

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Another option for the icon is Reddit’s alien head with sunglasses and blonde hair called Wall Street.

But these are not as good as the original icon. To use the original icon you will have to pay the subscription fees to get Reddit premium which is at least $5.99 per month or $49.90 per year.

But if you use the Reddit iOS app then it will cost $6.99 per month or $59.99 per year given Apple’s cut of 30% in-app purchases.

Reddit Premium has an option of using an icon which is closer to the original icon. Premium users can use an original white alien mascot head on an orange background.

Reddit is rolling out new changes at a very fast rate which may be a bit too much to take for dedicated Reddit users.

For now, it involves dealing with the new pixelated icon of Reddit’s mascot.

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