What Is The Cash App Method By Punchmade Dev

Punchmade Dev is a rapper who claims that he can help people earn huge sums of money using the Cash app method.

The rapper is marketing the idea to his followers and luring them to pay a $200 fee in Bitcoin to learn the method of the Cash app.

But many professionals have reported that the Cash app method by Punchmade Dev is a scam and people should be careful before making any transactions.

This article will discuss what exactly is Punchmade Dev Cash app method and its consequences.

Punchmade Dev And His Work

Punchmade Dev is a rapper with substantial followers on Instagram and was inspired by the likes of Soulja Boys and Lil Wayne to start his rapping career.

He gained his followers through the creative use of technology, social media and video games.

He writes the lyrics of his raps which are mostly related to identity theft, scams or fraud.

What Is Cash App?

The Cash app is a popular online payment service available in the U.S. and U.K. region which makes transferring funds easy through phone numbers, email or QR codes.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You need to create an account in the app to use it and also provide bank details for future transactions.

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Any money you send or receive directly goes to your bank account.

What Is The Cash App Method By Punchmade Dev?

The Cash app method by Punchmade Dev is a scam to earn money from the Cash app.

The rapper posted content about teaching his followers about this Cash app method to earn money. But the fee to learn this method is $200 in Bitcoin.

The steps of the Cash App method by Punchmade Dev is as follows:

  • To learn the Cash app method, you need to visit Puchmade Dev’s website.
  • You need to select 2FA (two-factor authentication) for the Cash app.
  • Then make a payment of $200 to purchase a video from Punchmade Dev that teaches you the method.

The rapper has claimed that this Cash app method has helped some of his followers earn $14000 from the Cash app.

But the people who followed the steps to purchase a video from Punchmade Dev claimed to never received any video from the rapper after making the payment.

The people have reported it as a scam and since the payment is asked in Bitcoin, it is very difficult for any officials to trace the payment.

Therefore, no legal actions can be taken against the rapper for the scam.

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Punchmade Dev’s Scam

According to Reddit threads and conversations, Punchmade is a scam artist who offers a card to connect with the Cash app and pay.

In this scam, people are asked to make an advance payment in return for an amount that they can get after following their instructions which is revealed after you pay.

But people who made the payment never hear back from the scammers who in this case is Punchmade Dev.

Stay Alert

With the rise in various digital payment platforms, money-related scams have also increased. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the people to stay alert and not be a victim of such scams.

Anyone claiming to make you earn a huge sum of money in a short time is potentially a scam and you should make careful judgements before making any payment.

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