How to Fix Pizza Hut Password Reset Not Working

Are you having difficulty trying to reset the Pizza  Hut password in your account? Maybe you are unable to reset your Pizza Hut password even after trying a few times already.

This can be utterly frustrating and inconvenient as it can stop you from accessing your Pizza Hut account which might stop you from ordering pizza through Pizza Hut.

Many users have recently reported having difficulty changing the Pizza Hut password.

Pizza Hut might be one of the top brands for ordering your delicious Pizzas but it can also have problems and issues that might make you feel exhausted and frustrated with the situation.

In this section, we will be looking at the fixes that will help you to fix the issue of Pizza Hut password reset not working in your account.

Why Is Pizza Hut Password Reset Not Working?

Pizza Hut Password Reset Not Working

There can be a few reasons why the Pizza Hut Password reset is not working in your account. These issues can range from a server problem with Pizza Hut to an issue with the browser that you are using.

Below we have listed some of these issues for you to go through easily.

  • Pizza Hut is having a server outage or going through server maintenance.
  • The browser that you are using is not compatible with Pizza Hut.
  • You have put the wrong email address.
  • There are too many browser caches.
  • The reset email from Pizza Hut is kept in your spam or junk folder.
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How To Fix the Pizza Hut Password Reset Not Working?

1. Check the Server Status of Pizza Hut

The next thing you should do is check the Pizza Hut server status. If the server is down due to a malfunction or scheduled maintenance, you won’t be able to change your password.

Pizza Hut Server Status

If Pizza Hut itself is having a server issue such as an outage or going through scheduled maintenance then that might be one of the reasons why you are unable to open the Pizza Hut website or reset the password through it.

You can wait for some time and let the technical team fix the issue and then you can try to open it when you see that the server is functional again.

2. Use Other Browsers

The next fix that you can try is to use another browser that is different from the one that you had been using to reset your password to your Pizza Hut account.

Sometimes some browsers are not compatible with the system of Pizza Hut. You can try browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari and see whether you are able to reset your password.

3. Verify the Email Address

You should also make sure that the email address that your put to reset your password in Pizza Hut is the correct one.

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If you are providing the wrong address then you will not be able to change your password, so make sure you are providing the correct email address that is linked to your profile whose password you want to change.

4. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

You can also try clearing the browser cache as an alternative. Your browser’s cache frequently houses useless or corrupt files, which can prevent Pizza Hut from functioning properly. You can open Pizza Hut once more by simply deleting the cache folder.

Clear Browser Cache for Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner.
  • Select More Tools.
  • Click on Clear browsing data.
  • Check all the boxes.
  • Click on Clear data.

Clear Browser cache for Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge and go to Settings.
  • Select Privacy, search, and Services.
  • Select Choose what to clear under it and select Clear browsing data.
  • Click on  Clear browsing data now
  • Under Time range select a time range that you want to clear the data for.
  • Click on Cookies and other site data, and then select Clear Now.

And you are done clearing your browser cache. Now open Pizza Hut and see whether you are able to reset your password.          

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5. Check Different Folders of your Email

Make sure to check different folders in your email if you see that the verification code is not getting received in your email.

Sometimes the email is stored in the spam or junk folders due to which you might not be able to see the verification code email in your primary folder of email.

Make sure to check all the folders in your email to make absolutely sure that you haven’t received the verification email for password reset in Pizza Hut.

6. Contact the Support Team of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Support

After you have tried all the fixes above you should be able to reset your Pizza Hut password. However, if you still aren’t able to do so then please contact the Pizza Hut Support Team and they will be able to help you out.

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