Is AI Dungeon Safe

AI Dungeon is a text-based adventure game that uses AI technology to create content and your game.

Unlike other games where you play the games set by designers and the game development team with AI Dungeon, you can create your fantasy game where there are no limits to your imagination.

AI Dungeon lets you create your world for the game which can be fighting with alien creatures or mystical beasts. It also lets you create your characters and is not limited to just game scenarios.

You can access AI Dungeon via its website or through mobile apps available for both iOS and Android.

Although you can access AI Dungeon for free, the paid membership plan offers many benefits such as improved access to AI, advanced settings and credits that can be used for image generation.

If you are wondering if AI Dungeon is safe to use and want to know more about Privacy, Content Policy then this article is for you.

You will also know if AI Dungeon read the stories you create in the application.

Is AI Dungeon Safe?

Yes, AI Dungeon is safe to use but like with any other AI-based application there are chances of getting in potential risks which include inappropriate or offensive content.

As AI Dungeon is a text-based game that requires a user to prompt inputs which differ from user to user and some language be harmful or offensive.

But the website has taken several measures to limit such content types by using filters or blocking them altogether.

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Also, AI is still developing and AI-based games can collect data to improve their accuracy so that you get more personalised content.

Although data privacy is not assured, the AI Dungeon team do not sell or share data with any third party unless permitted by you. The text-based game is rated as 17+ and is not appropriate for children.

Overall, AI Dungeon is safe to use but you should read the Privacy Policy carefully before signing up and when you use the application responsibly it is safe and fun.

AI Dungeon Privacy

The Privacy Policy of AI Dungeon is summarized below:

1. Contact and Account Information

AI Dungean collects your basic contact details like name and email address when you register in the application to provide you with product details and promotional offers.

Other credentials like username and password are also collected to register and maintain the account with the AI Dungeon team.

But it is your responsibility to keep these credentials safe and not share them with others to give them access to your account.

You can contact the AI Dungeon support team in case you feel your account has been compromised.

Also, if you fill out the Contact Us web form or some features of the service that requires your personal information then it is also collected.

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You can opt out of filling in the information but it will also restrict you from using the feature.

2. Usage Data

AI Dungeon automatically collects your usage data in the form of cookies, search data, and inputs you provide or use analytics of a third party.

Usage data includes your device if it is a phone, tablet or PC, the time and date when you first started using the service, Operating system and log data.

This information is collected to improve AI Dungeon products and services by analyzing the trends, tracking the movement of users and enhancing your experience.

3. Sharing Information With Third-Party

AI Dungeon shares the information with third-party vendors or service providers which include payment vendors, data analytics and security vendors.

The sharing of information with third-party is permitted by you when you use social media widgets or log-in integrations.

AI Dungeon Content Policy

The content generated by you in the application can be collected, exhibited, recreate or published by the AI Dungeon team without mentioning you under its “User Generated Content” policy.

If you submit any content with public access then the content will be accessible to everyone including the AI Dungeon team.

If you make your content available to others, then the AI Dungeon team have no control over how it is used or shared with others.

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Also, if you make any information “public” then it is not guaranteed that other users or parties keep the information private and secure.

Does AI Dungeon Read Your Stories?

No, the unpublished content is private and no one can read or modify it.

But for safety concerns, sometimes the type of input you provide may get flagged if it is inappropriate or harmful.

However, it is triggered by a built-in filter and is controlled by AI and not the AI Dungeon team. The AI does not leak or share the content with others.

AI Dungeon team only reads the input of the users that you share or permits the team to read for support. You can read more about it in the Blog.

You can read more about AI Dungeon Privacy Policy before signing up. In case of any query related to the Privacy Policies, you can reach out to the team via email.

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