How To Fix Janitor AI Not Loading/Keep Crashing

Experiencing Janitor AI issues like not loading or constant crashes? You’re not alone.

Janitor AI is a chatbot platform driven by artificial intelligence that falls under the umbrella of generative AI.

Given its innovative features, it’s understandable that you might find the ‘not loading’ or ‘keeps crashing’ problems to be disheartening.

In this article, we provide a detailed guide to help you understand and resolve the issues that cause Janitor AI to not load or keep crashing.

Reasons Why Janitor AI is Not Loading or Keeps Crashing

The difficulties faced by Janitor AI users are quite common, including the platform not loading properly or constantly crashing.

Let’s explore the potential reasons behind these issues:

1. High Traffic on Janitor AI Servers

With the rapid increase in the number of Janitor AI users, the servers might be experiencing higher traffic than they can handle, leading to performance issues such as loading failures or crashes.

2. Janitor AI Technical Glitches

The rise in user numbers also amplifies the chances of technical glitches or bugs. These could be another reason why Janitor AI isn’t working as it should.

3. Maintenance of Janitor AI

The Janitor AI team might be carrying out maintenance work to address these issues. If you’re using Janitor AI during such periods, you may experience disruptions.

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4. Poor Internet Connection

A weak network connection on your end might interfere with the functionality of Janitor AI, causing issues like incomplete loading or frequent crashes.

How to Fix Janitor AI Not Loading or Keeps Crashing?

To fix Janitor AI not loading or crashing issue, first check for server updates on official Janitor AI communication channels.

If the issue isn’t server-side, verify your internet connectivity, as slow speeds can cause problems.

If these steps don’t help, try rebooting Janitor AI or allowing some time for potential bugs to resolve. If the problem persists, report it to the Janitor AI team via their official channels.

1. Monitor Janitor AI Official Updates

Always stay updated about server maintenance, downtime, or other technical problems through official Janitor AI communication channels. These channels include the official Janitor AI Reddit forum (r/JanitorAI_Official) and Discord channel.

2. Verify Your Internet Connection

If there aren’t any server or website issues, you may want to check your internet connection. Use to verify your network speed. A ping rate of 100 ms or lower is optimal for using platforms like Janitor AI. In case of a slow connection, you could reset your router or switch to a different network.

If your internet connection is slow, you can either reset your router or switch to a different connection.

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To reset your router, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the reset button on your router.
  2. Long press it for a few seconds.
  3. Wait for your router to turn on again.
  4. Reconnect to your network.

You can also always switch from Wi-Fi to your Mobile data hotspot, or even plug in your ethernet cable if they provide a faster connection speed.

3. Restart Janitor AI

Closing and reopening Janitor AI may help resolve any glitches causing the platform to crash or not load properly. Log out of the Janitor AI website, wait for a few minutes, then log back in.

4. Be Patient and Wait

In some cases, waiting a bit may be the best option, as bugs can often resolve themselves over time. With the Janitor AI team working to improve the platform, it’s likely they’re already aware of and addressing any issues.

5. Contact the Janitor AI Team

If none of these steps work, the best course of action is to report the issue to the Janitor AI team. You can do this via their official Reddit forum or Discord channel.

Providing a detailed report will help the developers pinpoint the problem and work towards its resolution.

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