AI Dungeon Unblocked: How To Get AI Dungeon Unblocked?

AI Dungeon is a text-based adventure game that uses AI technology to create content for the game.

Unlike other games where you play the games set by designers and the game development team with AI Dungeon, you can create your fantasy game where there are no limits to your imagination.

AI Dungeon lets you create your world for the game which can be fighting with alien creatures or mystical beasts. It is not limited to just game scenarios, you can also create your characters.

Unfortunately, some of the users have reported that they get blocked when they open the AI Dungeon from their devices.

AI Dungeon has stringent policies, terms and agreements and violating any of the terms may result in you getting blocked.

If you are also getting blocked from AI Dungeon when trying to open it from your device then you can fix it.

In this article, you will know why are you getting blocked from AI Dungeon and how to get it unblocked.

Why Are You Getting Blocked From AI Dungeon?

There are various reasons for AI Dungeon to get blocked when you try to open it from your device and they are mentioned below.

1. Not Accessible In Your Region

Every country has their set of rules for web browsing and restricts the use of some websites. If you are getting blocked then your region is restricting the use of the AI Dungeon website.

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Countries which do not allow the AI website are Russia, China, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Italy. If you are trying to access the AI Dungeon website from the mentioned country then you will get blocked.  

2. Use Of Public Networks

Some of the public networks do not allow the use of the AI Dungeon website from their network. So the network restricts the use of the website from your device.

3. Violating Terms Of Service

It may happen that you violated the Terms of Service set by AI Dungeon. You should read the terms carefully and check if you have made any violations.

However, if you feel there is no violation then you can reach out to AI Dungeon Support.

How To Get Unblocked AI Dungeon?

To unblock AI Dungeon you can follow the fixes mentioned below:

1. Use VPN On Your Device

The first thing you can do is try VPN for creating an account in AI Dungeon as some countries restrict AI websites.

Download any VPN service on your device and use it to set any location that allows the use of AI Dungeon. Then create your account.

2. Switch Between HTTP And HTTPS

You can switch between HTTP and HTTPS for the website address. Though HTTP is not considered secure you can try to switch between either HTTP or HTTPS considering which is getting blocked.

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3. Change Your Internet Connection

Many public networks block the use of the AI Dungeon website category. If you use any public network then you can change to a private network to get AI Dungeon unblocked from your device.

4. Change Your Browser

You can use Tor Browser to access the AI Dungeon website. Tor browser has many layers of encryptions that hide your IP address. Thus, it can get AI Dungeon unblocked.

5. Use Alternatives

If you still are unable to access the AI Dungeon website after following the steps mentioned in this guide then you can try alternatives like Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, Novel AI or Dwarf Fortress.

6. Contact AI Dungeon Support

You can reach AI Dungeon support via email.

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