Is AI Dungeon Free?

AI Dungeon is a text-based adventure game that uses AI technology to create content for the game.

Unlike other games where you play the games set by designers and the game development team with AI Dungeon, you can create your fantasy game where there are no limits to your imagination.

AI Dungeon lets you create your world for the game which can be fighting with alien creatures or mystical beasts. It also lets you create your characters and is not limited to just game scenarios.

You can access AI Dungeon via its website or through mobile apps available for both iOS and Android.

With all the features that AI Dungeon offers, it is quite normal to wonder if you can play the game for free.

Although you can access AI Dungeon for free, the paid membership plan offers many benefits such as improved access to AI, advanced settings and credits that can be used for image generation.

If you are a frequent user of AI Dungeon then it is worth considering the benefits that they offer and the different membership plans. This article will discuss if AI Dungeon is free.

Is AI Dungeon Free?

Yes, AI Dungeon is free but it comes with limited benefits which is a “Wanderer” tier of membership and includes unlimited Griffin access with normal speed.

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Also, you will not receive any credits as with other paid membership tiers.

The paid membership tiers in AI Dungeon are Traveller, Adventurer, Hero and Legend and each of them has benefits based on the pricing structure.

The paid membership tiers include larger Griffin context, Advanced Settings, Wyvern, Hydra and Dragon, Voyage and unlimited Image Generation with speed ranging from fast to fastest.

Also, each month the paid membership subscribers receive credits depending on their tier of membership.

If you use the AI Dungeon often and are very involved in it then you can consider the membership plan that best suits your needs. Each membership tier offers great value so consider them carefully.

The Membership Plan of Adventurer, Hero and Legend also offers a 7-day trial period so it can further help you decide if you should get the paid plan.

But if you don’t use AI Dungeon frequently then you can access the free version by creating your account.

You can also try other free alternatives of AI Dungeon which are Novel AI, Kobold AI and Dreamily.

As with any AI-based website, AI Dungeon also keeps adding new features so you can check their product updates and company blog.

If you need any help with the membership plan then you can read Membership Plan Overview.

For any support, you can email the AI Dungeon support team. You can also check AI Dungeon Discord for community reach.

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Alternatively, you can reach out to them on social media Twitter, Instagram, Twitch and Youtube.

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