How To Fix ​​YouTube Double Tap Not Working

Are you having trouble trying to use the double-tap feature in your YouTube app to time skip your video?

Recently many users have reported that they weren’t able to use the time skip feature by using the double tap in the YouTube app.

This can be utterly frustrating when you want to skip a few seconds in your video.

With the help of the YouTube app, you can easily watch every YouTube video on your phone without having to open it on your browser.

However, the app can at times have issues that might make you feel frustrated.

In this article, we will be looking at why YouTube Double Tap isn’t working and how you can easily fix that issue.

Why is YouTube Double Tap Not Working?

Fix ​​YouTube Double Tap Not Working

There can be many reasons why the YouTube double-tap feature is not working for you.

One of the major reasons can be that you are not using the double-tap feature correctly.

In case YouTube has gotten an update and you haven’t uninstalled it on your phone then you will not be able to use the double tap feature.

The last but not least reason can be that YouTube is having technical difficulties due to which the double tap feature of YouTube is not working at the moment.

Users from different devices such as Android and iOS have faced this issue so it is not specific to any particular device.

Whatever the problem is you would be able to solve it by following our fixes below.

How to Fix YouTube Double Tap Not Working?

To fix the YouTube double tap not working, you can restart the app, triple tap the video, press and hold the screen, change your phone, update the YouTube app, uninstall and reinstall YouTube, and contact the YouTube Support Team.

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Below we have discussed the fixes in greater detail.

1. Troubleshooting YouTube App for iOS

When you aren’t able to use the double tap feature to time skip your YouTube video in iOS then there is a troubleshooting step that you can try as we will be showing you.

Press and hold the screen on iOS and after one second, you will be able to navigate through the video by swiping your finger left or right. It’s not particularly precise, so you will have to pay attention to where you are in the video in terms of time because you might otherwise scroll through the video for several minutes.

2. Triple Tap on Videos

If double tap isn’t working in your YouTube videos try to triple tap on the video to skip time.

Many users have reported that they were able to use the time skip feature of the YouTube video by using triple tap instead of double tap.

The double tap feature might be having some technical issues so in that case try to tap three times and see whether you are able to time skip now in the YouTube app.

3. Change Your Phone

Your phone might be the issue due to which the double tap feature of YouTube isn’t working anymore for you.

If your phone screen has some kind of problem, like a crack or scratch or the touch screen is not responding well then you could have difficulty trying to use double tap to time skip in YouTube.

Check thoroughly whether there are any scratches, cracks or the touch screen not responding to you because the phone has grown old or malfunctioned.

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You can change your phone in that case and now try to use double tap in YouTube again and there should not be any issue anymore.

4. Restart Youtube App

The next fix that you can try is to restart the YouTube App after doing a Force Stop. On your device, go to Settings >> Apps >> YouTube App >> Force Stop to stop the YouTube App immediately.

The next step is to restart the YouTube App on your phone and check to see if you can use double tap again.

5. Use Double Tap Correctly

Make sure that you are using the double-tap feature correctly before you start panicking about not being able to use it.

After an update from YouTube, to use the double tap feature you will have to double tap with two fingers now on the right or left side of the video to use time skip.

This might be a bit hard to do for the first few times but you will get used to it after a few tries on your phone.

6. Update YouTube App

Update YouTube App to fix double tap not working

Additionally, make sure that the latest version of the YouTube app is installed on your phone. To keep the software running smoothly, YouTube releases updates frequently.

You will need to update the app to the latest version if a bug is to blame for preventing you from using the double-tap feature.

The YouTube app can be updated to its latest version by going to the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone and doing so from there.

7. Uninstall and Reinstall the YouTube App

As an alternative fix, you can also uninstall the YouTube App from your phone and reinstall it again after some time.

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If there is any bug due to which YouTube App is having issues in your phone then uninstalling it and reinstalling after doing a restart of your device might be able to fix the issue.

To uninstall the YouTube App you will have to long-press the app and then select the option Uninstall/Remove App from the options. After this go to App Store or Play Store and install Boost Mobile App again.

8. Contact Youtube Support Team

After you have tried the above fixes you should be able to use the double-tap feature on YouTube to do a time skip in your video. 

However, if you are still seeing this error then please contact the support Team of YouTube through their app and let them fix this for you.

Contact YouTube Support Team to fix double tap not working
  • Open the YouTube App on your Phone.
  • Tap on your Profile picture at the top right.
  • Select the option Help and Feedback.
  • Choose Send Feedback.
Tell your Issues in Detail to Support Team to fix YouTube double tap not working

Now follow the instructions on the screen, write down your issues in detail and send it to the Support Team on YouTube.

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