How to Fix Ticketmaster “Unable to Complete Request On This Device”

When you try to book the event tickets from Ticketmaster, it shows the error “We apologize. We are unable to complete your request on this device.” 

This error is basically shown because of multiple reasons as mentioned below:

  • You tried to verify your information many times on Ticketmaster.
  • You have refreshed the Ticketmaster page many times and cookies are making issues for you now.
  • You are accessing the Ticketmaster website from multiple browser and it is counting you bot traffic now.

This guide would help out you to fix the Ticketmaster “Unable to Complete Request On This Device” error.

How to Fix Ticketmaster “Unable to Complete Request On This Device”?

To Fix the Ticketmaster “Unable to Complete Request On This Device” error, clear the browser’s cache/cookies, use the incognito window and disable all VPN/Ad-Blocker into your device.

Fix 1: Clear the Browser Cookies

If you have refreshed the website page multiple times then clear the used browser cookies, close the connection and restart the browser.

To clear cache from the Chrome Browser, follow the below steps:

Chrome Browser: Go to Chrome >> Top Right, Click ‘More’ >> Click on ‘Tools’ >> Click ‘Clear browsing data’ Select Time range or ‘delete everything’ to Clear Data, Check the Boxes “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” >> Click ‘Clear Data’.

Android Phone: Open settings >> Navigate to the application manager >> Choose Ticketmaster App >> The Ticketmaster App cache will be cleared when you click ‘clear cache.’

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iPhone Device: Browse to iPhone settings >> Search and select Ticketmaster App >> Reinstall Ticketmaster App by clicking the ‘Offload’ button.

Once done, now try to access the Ticketmaster account again, it would help you to fix the “Unable to Complete Request On This Device” error.

Fix 2: Try to Switch the Current Browser

If you are using Chrome browser to access the account the try with Safari or Firefox and it would sort out the issue immediately and you would be able to check and book tickets.

Fix 3: Try with Ticketmaster App rather Browser

Many times when you access the Ticketmaster account using browser, due to cookies concern, it starts counting you as a bot and shows error “Unable to Complete Request On This Device”.

So download the Ticketmaster app into your phone, sign-in into account and access the account from app to check and book the tickets, it would not show you the error.

Also some users when try to use the Ticketmaster into mobile browser, they land on error “Unable to Complete Request On This Device” page.

Just close the browser and access your account from Ticketmaster app itself, you would be able to access it without any issue.

Fix 4: Switch Internet Connection

If you are using Wi-Fi then try to switch to mobile data or from mobile data to Wi-Fi to fix the error on your Ticketmaster account.

Also if you are using any Public Wi-Fi internet connection, switch it to mobile data and try to access again. It would solve the issue for you.

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Fix 5. Disable Your Browser’s Ad-Blocker/Proxies

Many times it happens that you are accessing the Ticketmaster website or app with enabled proxies or Ad-blocker, this would make your requests slow to process ultimately and can be a reason that you are seeing the “Unable to Complete Request On This Device”.

So try to disable any used Ad-Blocker or Proxies on your device and try to access the account again, it would help you out to fix the issue immediately.

Fix 6. Disable Any Used VPN Server

Basically, VPN software/extension makes the web requests slow to process due to additional overhead into processing the packets and generally lead to slow connection requests.

If you are using any VPN service such as any extension or software into your device, disable it and try to access your account or book the tickets again, it would solve the issue for you.

Fix 7. Try to Use Another Device

If still you are facing the issue, try to access the Ticketmaster account from another device by closing the connection from current device.

It would help you out to have the fresh ticket booking connection with Ticketmaster’s website and you should be able to book tickets without any issue.

Fix 8: Contact the Ticketmaster Support Team

If no above mentioned option helped you to fix the error, we would suggest to wait for sometime if there is any technical issue on Ticketmaster end.

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Otherwise, contact the Ticketmaster customer support team to help you accessing your account with screenshot of the error.

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