How to Fix Ticketmaster Queue not Moving Issue

Ticketmaster Queue is a system used by Ticketmaster to manage high demand for tickets to popular events.

When tickets for a popular event go on sale, a large number of people try to purchase tickets at the same time, which can cause the website to become slow or unresponsive.

To manage this high demand, Ticketmaster uses a queue system which means users are placed in a virtual line and are able to access the website and purchase tickets when it is their turn.

The queue system helps to ensure that the website remains stable and that everyone has a fair chance to purchase tickets.

Why Ticketmaster Queue is not Moving?

There can be several possible reasons that Ticketmaster Queue may not be moving:

  • High demand for tickets to the event, which can cause the queue to move slowly.
  • There is an issue with the Ticketmaster website, such as a technical glitch or a high amount of traffic.

Note that refreshing the page while you are in the Ticketmaster Queue will not move you forward in the queue, but will instead cause you to be placed at the back of the queue.

It is important to not refresh the page while you are in the queue, as this will not help you to access the website any faster.

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Instead, it is best to wait patiently until it is your turn to access the website and purchase tickets.

How to Fix the Ticketmaster Queue not Moving Issue?

To fix the Ticketmaster queue not moving issue, make sure to have the good speed internet connection with clearing the app or device cache before joining the queue.

It would avoid the account related cache issue along with showing the up to date information on current going queue status.

Most probably Ticketmaster queue doesn’t move due to high tickets demand or technical glitch so there isn’t much you can do from your end except to wait till issue get fixed from technical team in backend and queue start moving with up to date status.

To have a smoother shopping experience when using the Ticketmaster Smart Queue, it is recommended that you sign in to your Ticketmaster account at least 10 minutes in advance of joining the waiting room.

This will speed up your purchase later on as you don’t require to enter some personalised account details and users details for whom you are purchasing the tickets.

It is also recommended that you validate in advance that you have a valid form of payment in your account with current email and billing information. This will make checkout easier and more efficient.

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Also, if you need to step away from your device while in the queue, it is recommended that you turn up the volume so you can hear the queue notification bell when it is your turn to shop.

This will ensure that you don’t miss your turn and have to wait even longer to purchase tickets.

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