Why Hashtags Not Working On Thread?

Have you noticed hashtags on Threads app? find the reason why?

Threads is a brand new social media app launched in July 2003. Thread has more than 100 million users. And it is only available to Instagram users. 

It enables users to share up to 10 photos, videos maximum of 5 minutes, or a maximum of 500 characters in a post. It is one of the great way to interact with people.

Hashtags are nothing but words or phrases that have the hash symbol(#) before them. The purpose of hashtags is to categorize the content and appear to the users who have similar interest and those who are searching for it.

Why Hashtags Not Working On Thread?

As of the time of writing, Threads does not support the use of functional hashtags.

While users can include the hash symbol (#) followed by a phrase in their posts, these hashtags are not clickable nor do they serve the traditional purpose of categorizing and grouping content.

Consequently, they do not help in content discovery as they do on other platforms like Instagram or Twitter. When you search for a hashtag on Threads, the results are primarily user profiles containing the searched phrase, not related content.

However, Threads does support profile tagging, offering a distinct method for users to link and discover content.

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There’s potential for the inclusion of functional hashtags in future updates, but for now, they remain non-functional on Threads.

Will Threads Support Hashtags In Future?

Yes, there is a chance Threads will add the feature of hashtags soon.

We should remember that Threads is still a baby, and there are many updates awaits to be added in future.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram states that there are many options that they are working on for Threads app including Hashtags. Additional to hashtags, Threads will also have search, edit and other options on future.

We all sit back a while and wait for updates from Threads.

Hopefully, Hashtags might be added to soon to Threads app.