How to Fix Ticketmaster Payment Not Working Or Checkout Not Loading

Having trouble while the Checkout process on Ticketmaster? 

Don’t worry, this article will cover the reasons and ways you can fix ‘the Checkout issue’.

Ticketmaster is a leading ticker distributor company based in the United State. Ticketmaster covers various live events like theater shows, sports events and other live events.

Checkout is the process of purchasing a ticket on Ticketmaster.

People use Ticketmaster to buy tickets for live events. It also allows users to resale and transfer their tickets.

Why Ticketmaster Payment Not Working Or Checkout Not Loading

There are 6 major reasons for this issue.

1. Technical Issue

Some technical issues can affect the checkout process. Technical issues with the Ticketmaster server will interrupt the payment process. 

Other technical issues like network traffic or if Ticketmaster is under maintenance period will lead to Checkout problems.

2. Incorrect Payment Information

The main cause of payment failure is due to incorrect payment information while purchasing Ticketmaster ticket. 

Hence, it is important to provide valid payment information for successful purchase. 

3. Credit/ Debit Card Issue

Using expired cards or cards that are not activated will also cause payment failure. Using cards that are not accepted by Ticketmaster will also result in payment or checkout not loading. Knowing what the accepted payment method is before making the purchase is crucial.

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4. Internet Connectivity Issue

Having unstable or poor Internet connection will affect the payment process. This might increase or affect the loading period of payment. Having an uninterrupted network is also important for making online transactions.

5. Browser Issues

Sometimes, Browser extensions or cache and cookies cause issues while making payment or checkout on Ticketmaster. 

6. Ticket Availability

If tickets are not available, Ticketmaster will not allow users to proceed with purchase further.

How to Fix Ticketmaster Payment Not Working Or Checkout Not Loading

Here are few ways to fix the issue ‘Checkout Not Loading’:

1. Check Your Payment Method Is Accepted By Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster has a list of payment methods that are accepted and methods that are not accepted by it.

Here are some accepted methods for payment,

Some unaccepted payment methods in the below image.

3. Check For Technical Issues On Ticketmaster

Some technical issues like Ticketmaster’s server downtime, high demand for tickets or Ticketmaster platform being under maintenance can potentially cause ‘Payment Not Working’ or ‘Checkout Not Loading’ issue.

To check the server status of Ticketmaster, Go to downdetector to check the service status.

4. Clear Ticketmaster’s App & Browser cache

Clearing cache on the Ticketmaster app or website you are using to make the purchase. It will fix certain issues. 

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To clear Ticketmaster’s App Cache, 

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Go to ‘Apps’
  • Search for the Ticketmaster app. 
  • Go to ‘Storage & Cache’
  • Select ‘Clear cache’

To clear browser cache,

  • Go to your browser
  • Click the 3 dot option on your screen top right corner
  • Click ‘more tools’
  • Select ‘Clear browser data’
  • Select ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and files’ 
  • Select ‘Clear data’

4. Verify Your Payment Information

Always double verify the payment information you have provided for purchase for Ticketmaster event. 

Check the listed things below,

  • Card number
  • Name of Card holder name
  • Expire date
  • Security code
  • Billing address

Check whether you have enough fund for making the purchase you are going to make. Check your card if it is expired or not activated. If it is not activate, try activating first and then try making the payment.

Check whether your card is temporarily blocked, this can occur due to the detection of any suspicious activities. If yes, try contacting your respective bank to resolve the issue.

5. Contact Ticketmaster Help Center

If the issue still persists after following the above ways, contact Ticketmaster’s help center.

To get more details about payment mentors visit Ticketmaster help center

Either Chat with them or Submit a form describing the issue.

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After filling all the details in the form, click submit.

Contact them through their hotline (800) 653-8000. Or send an email to