How to Fix Ticketmaster Password Reset Not Working

Are you also struggling with logging into your Ticketmaster account because the password reset method is not working?

If you answered yes, you are not alone.

Ticketmaster is a popular international online ticketing platform that allows users to sell and buy tickets to a variety of live events.

However, many have been facing issues with logging into their Ticketmaster account and resetting their password.

If you are one of these people, read on to find out what causes this, and how you can rectify this issue.

Users are having issues with Ticketmaster, a popular online ticketing platform. (image source: Ticketmaster)

Why is Ticketmaster Password Reset Not Working?

Here are a few potential causes for which you are facing problems with resetting your Ticketmaster password:

1. Password Reset Code Has Expired

Password reset codes are often only valid for a short period of time.

As such, if you tried to use the password reset code sent to the email linked with your Ticketmaster account after the validity window, you will not be able to apply it to get through.

Expired password reset codes are not valid to reset your password.

2. You Entered the Incorrect Email

It is possible that you are not receiving the password reset email at all because the email you entered for your Ticketmaster account was the incorrect one.

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If you entered an incorrect email for your password reset, you will not receive any further instructions to reset your Ticketmaster account’s password.

3. Technical Issues with Ticketmaster

There may be some internal issues with Ticketmaster which is preventing the password reset process from working properly.

Such issues may be interfering with the site and server’s functionality, thus leading to you facing such an issue.

How to Fix Ticketmaster Password Reset Not Working?

1. Resend the Password Reset Code

You can try to resend a new password reset code so that you can start the process all over again.

This is an easy way as usually all you need is a brand new password reset code to get the problem to go away.

Once you have requested a new password reset code, make sure that you use the code immediately and within the time frame so that you can avoid any further issues.

2. Check the Correct Email Inbox

If you have multiple email accounts, it is highly likely that you are checking in the wrong address inbox.

The password reset code will only be sent to the email address which is associated with the Ticketmaster account.

As such, make sure you are logged in to the correct email account.

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Also make sure to check different folders such as spam or trash, as they might have accidentally ended up in those folders.

Check for an email from

3. Try Again Later

Users often report that attempting a password reset later after a while usually resolves the problem.

As such, it might be best to wait and try again later to see if the issue resolves itself.

4. Contact Ticketmaster Fan Support

If none of the previous methods have helped so far, it is best for you to reach out to Ticketmaster’s Fan Support so that they can offer you the proper assistance.

You can do this by visiting Ticketmaster’s Contact Us page and filling out the form under No tickets or can’t sign in?

The Contact Us page on Ticketmaster has all the information you need to get in touch regarding your account.

Once notified, Ticketmaster will reach out to you to rectify the issue.

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