How to Fix Facebook Marketplace Newly Listed Not Showing

Facebook Marketplace is a platform for buying and selling items with people in your local community.

It allows users to browse and post listings for a wide range of products, including clothing, furniture, cars, and more.

To access the Marketplace, you can click on the Marketplace icon in the left menu of your Facebook homepage.

You can also use the Marketplace app on your mobile device to shop and sell on the go.

Many users not able to see the newly listed items into Facebook Marketplace app.

If you are also facing the same issue, let try to dig down the all possible reasons and fixes accordingly to fix the issue.

Why Facebook Marketplace Newly Listed are Not Showing?

Facebook Marketplace doesn’t show the newly listed items might be because either you have applied any specific filter or using any specific location where newly listed items aren’t available.

There can also be chance that unstable internet connection or un-updated app does not allow to show the newly listed items due to any compatibility issue.

Below are the all possible reasons explained in more detail for your convenience:

  • The Facebook Marketplace requires a stable and fast internet connection for it to function properly.
  • You may not have updated your Facebook app to the latest available version and this will not allow the app to function properly.
  • The preference settings of your Facebook Marketplace may be not allowing you to show the newly listed items.
  • The cache files that are in your app might have overflowed and have created an issue for your device to run the app correctly.
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How to Fix Facebook Marketplace Newly Listed Not Showing?

To solve the Facebook Marketplace newly listed items not showing issue, validate and change the location setting as per your requirement and remove/clear the filters if have applied into browsing the items.

Sometimes are items are not available to the every location and shows only items which are listed and available to particular region or country.

Also there are high chances that earlier you applied filter to shortlist the items and those newly items don’t come within same filter criteria.

Ensure that all applied filters have been cleared and try to check the items again, it would resolve the issue.

Sometimes newly listed items into Facebook Marketplace take sometime to get updated into database and reflect to users.

You don’t need to do do something except wait for sometime and let it take the appropriate time to reflect to the users.

Also make sure that your app have updated to the latest available version in Play or App Store, check your internet connection’s bandwidth, clear the cache files.

Fix 1: Check Whether Your Facebook Marketplace is Updated

To solve the issue of newly listed items in Facebook Marketplace not showing up, you should check whether your application is up to date with the latest version or not.

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You can go to Play Store and check out whether there are any new updates available, if there is then update the app and it should now run properly and solve the issue.

Fix 2: Check Your Facebook Marketplace’s Preferences

Sometimes the preferences settings into Facebook Marketplace need to be changed to see the newly listed items.

You may have placed any filters or locations settings due to which the items are not showing up.

As soon as you have made changes to the configuration of the Marketplace your app should be showing you the listing of new items that you want to see from the Facebook Marketplace.

Fix 3: Clear Facebook Marketplace App Cache Files

Oftentimes it happens that the app starts to behave unexpected because the cache for that app has been saved too much.

In such cases the problem will get solved when you clear the cache files for your Facebook Marketplace app.

To clear the cache files, go to Settings> then Apps/Applications> then go to Facebook > Clear Cache Data and it would delete all Cache files from there.

This should now make your device run Facebook Marketplace application smoothly.

You can close the app, then re-open and your Facebook Marketplace should be running as expected.

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Fix 4: Check Your Internet Connection

The user should also check their internet connection as Facebook Marketplace requires a stable internet connection to function properly.

You may be facing an unstable connection or slow internet connection, in that case you should contact your local service provider and stablize your connection.

As soon as you are able to fix the issue and resolve your internet problem your Facebook Marketplace should have no problem showing you all the newly listed items in it.

Fix 5: Uninstall Facebook Marketplace and Reinstall Again

As an alternative fix you can also uninstall the app and then reinstall it as here might be some corrupted files that have entered in your app files somehow.

Doing this will remove the corrupted files and will let you use the app properly.

You can also try restarting the device after closing the app and it might make the problem resolved without needing to do anything else.

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