Can I Sell My Ticketmaster Tickets Privately

Ticketmaster is a website through which the ticket distribution company sells tickets to various events such as sports events, concerts and others.

It is a widely popular as it allows the users access to various kinds of tickets from different varieties of shows.

Lot of users who purchase their tickets in advance, later on try to transfer and resell the tickets to other person who are intrested.

This guide would help out you to know the available options to transfer/resell event tickets privately which are purchased through Ticketmaster and you are no more interested into event.

Can I Sell My Ticketmaster Tickets Privately?

Generally you are not able sell your tickets privately in Ticketmaster by yourself as it is against their policy.

The company has strict policies that forbids the user from reselling their tickets that they have previously bought.

To sell the tickets you will need to have explicit permission of the organizers of the event, otherwise if you try to resell your tickets without adhering to the principles of Ticketmaster your ticket will get cancelled.

Thus, you can not sell tickets privately in ticket master and doing so can cancel your ticket.

But you can transfer your ticket to someone through the ticket transfer system of Ticketmaster.

What is Ticket Transfer System of Ticketmaster?

In certain cases, Ticketmaster allows its users to transfer their tickets to other people through their system of ticket transfer.

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It is a system where you can transfer your ticket that you have bought from Ticketmaster before.

Below can be all possible reasons when Ticketmaster would allow you to transfer the tickets to someone else:

  • Move Around the event: Within event you need to show your physical copy to attendants or escort, so transfer or provide the tickets to all attending for whom you have puchased the tickets.
  • Send Tickets as a Gift: Send tickets to their preferred events straight to those you love as a surprise with Ticket Transfer.
  • Meeting Up: Coordinating everyone’s meet-up time is an ongoing challenge. Relieve the stress by giving tickets to friends and family, allowing everyone to arrive at their own pace.

Through this process you can transfer your ticket to someone without violating the guidelines and principles of the Ticketmaster organization.

Methods to Transfer Your Ticketmaster Tickets?

Below are the Three methods to transfer your tickets:

  • Using the Ticketmaster App: Login to Ticketmaster app >> My Events >> Select Tickets >> Click Transfer by providing receiver’s details such as email id, mobile number and optional note. Click Transfer button.
  • Using the Ticketmaster Website into Laptop: Login to Ticketmaster website >> My Events >> Select Tickets >> Click Transfer by providing receiver’s details such as email id, mobile number and optional note. Click Transfer button.
  • Transfer through Account Manager: Sign in into Teams or venue’s Account Manager account. Go to Events >> Select Tickets >> Click Transfer >> Add receiver’s details as email id, mobile number and note. Click Transfer button.
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To Transfer your Ticketmaster Tickets, follow the below process:

Login to Ticketmaster app >> My Events >> Select Event >> Click “Transfer” >> Select Tickets you want to transfer and Tap Transfer button.

Now enter the receiver’s required details such as mobile number or email address and description or note as an optional required data.

Once done, receiver would be receiving the intimation mail and option to claim tickets. You would be getting the intimation once he/she accepts the tickets.

Note: If Ticket transfer option is grayed out, it means tickets are not eligible to transfer to someone else.

Before you try to do it however you will need to check the terms and conditions that your ticket has and you will also need to contact the support team of Ticketmaster to check whether the option of ticket transfer is available for your ticket.

To sum everything up, if you want to give your ticket to someone or to sell your ticket to another person you should only use the ticket exchange system provided by Ticketmaster to ensure that your tickets remain safe during the transaction.

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