How to Fix Discord AMOLED Mode Broken or Not Working

Is AMOLED mode on Discord broken or not working?

Are you having trouble trying to use Discord’s AMOLED mode? Maybe you aren’t able to access it on your Discord account anymore.

Don’t worry, as you’re not alone. Many people have encountered the same problem and managed to solve it.

Discord is a popular platform that enables you to join communities that align with your interests and connect with like-minded people.

However, some users have reported that the AMOLED mode in Discord isn’t functioning as expected.

The AMOLED optimized mode is an exclusive app appearance setting available only on the mobile version of Discord.

When enabled, it darkens the entire interface, creating a stark contrast with the standard dark theme, and showcases a pure black background.

This feature significantly benefits devices with AMOLED displays as when a pixel is set to pure black, it turns off completely, thereby conserving power.

In this article, we will be looking extensively as to why the AMOLED mode in Discord is broken and what you can do to fix it.

Why is Discord AMOLED Mode Broken or Not Working

Discord AMOLED Mode Not Working

There are some reasons why your AMOLED mode in Discord might not be working for the time being. One of the main reasons is that there are slime technical issues faced by Discord due to which AMOLED mode is not working.

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In case you haven’t updated your Discord app to the latest version can also become an issue due to which the AMOLED version of Discord is not working.

How to Fix Discord AMOLED Mode Broken or Not Working

Discord AMOLED Mode

1. Update Discord 

The first thing that you need to do when you can see that the AMOLED mode of Discord is not working is to update the Discord app to the latest version.

The Discord team releases updates regularly to fix the bugs in the app and to keep the app smoothly running.

In case you haven’t updated the Discord app in quite some time, you will have to update it by going to either the Play Store or the App Store of your device.

Now open Discord and check whether the AMOLED mode works. If it doesn’t then please try the other fixes below.

2. Restart Discord App

For the next fix, you can try to restart the Discord App after doing a Force Stop. On your device, go to Settings >> Apps >> Discord App >> Force Stop to stop Discord App immediately.

The next step is to restart Discord App on your phone and check to see if the app is fixed.

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3. Turn AMOLED Off and On

You can also turn your AMOLED mode on and off and see whether that solves the issue. To do that you will have to scroll down your Settings and under Themes, you should be having the AMOLED option. You can switch it off and then on again from there.

4. Get an Older Version of Discord

If you see that the issue with AMOLED mode is still persisting even after you have updated your Discord app then you can try to use an older version of Discord by downloading one from here and then installing it on your device.

5. Change the Theme in Discord

Change the app’s theme to regular dark and then back to the ‘AMOLED’ one.

To do this, go to your Settings, find Themes, and you should see the AMOLED option. Toggle it off and on again.

6. Wait for Sometimes

The technical team of Discord is aware of this issue and they are trying their best to fix it fast.

If you are unable to fix the issue of AMOLED mode not working in your Discord account even after trying all the fixes above then you will have to wait till the technical fix the error from their side.

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As the team is aware and working on fixing it, it should not take much time.

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