EE Router Flashing Light: Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Red Light: An In-Depth Guide

When it comes to troubleshooting router issues, one of the most common issues that users may encounter is flashing lights on the router.

The flashing lights on EE routers can indicate different issues, and each color light has a specific meaning.

EE routers have several indicator lights that can provide information about the status of the router and its connections.

If the router’s flashing light, it may indicate that there is a problem with the internet connection, or that the router is in the process of booting up or updating its firmware.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on the meaning of each flashing light on an EE router, the common causes of the issue, and how to troubleshoot and fix the problem in depth.

EE Router Flashing Light Meaning, Cause and Troubleshooting Steps:

Light StatusLight MeaningTroubleshooting Steps
No lightThe power is off or you’ve turned the lights offCheck that the Hub’s power button is on, its power cable is plugged in correctly at the mains and power is turned on.

If there’s still no light, call EE Support team on 0800 079 8586.
Green lightThe Hub is starting upWait a couple of minutes for it to start.
Flashing yellowThe Hub is connecting to BroadbandGive it a minute or two to connect.

The light will turn steady aqua when your Hub is ready.
Flashing aqua lightThe Hub is working but the broadband cable isn’t connectedCheck the broadband cable (black with grey ends) is plugged in correctly and you’re using a filter, if needed.

If the aqua light continues to flash, please follow the quick troubleshooting steps mentioned on T’shoot page.
Yellow lightThe Hub is working but isn’t connected to the internetConnect a device to your Hub using a cable or WiFi.

Open a new web browser window and follow the onscreen help wizard to get connected.
Red lightThere’s a problem somewhereUsing the power button, turn your Hub off and on again.

If the light still doesn’t turn aqua, use a paper clip to press your Hub’s factory reset button.
If this doesn’t fix it, call EE support team on 0800 079 8586.
Aqua lightThe Hub is working fineIf you can’t get online, there might be a problem with your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Turn it off and then on and try again. If you’ve still got a problem, get some help from the manufacturer or supplier.
WPS button and lightFlashing Blue: Waiting for you to press the WPS button on your computer or device
Flashing Red: WPS connection failed
Solid Blue: successful WPS connection
Make sure your device’s WPS function is enabled and try again, or connect to the Hub’s WiFi network manually.
EE Router Flashing Light Meaning, Cause and Troubleshooting Steps

Above table is presented in the format of light status on EE router, meaning of that light status and the troubleshoot steps for the particular light status.

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So this table will help you out to understand the issue quickly to identify you EE router’s status and the corresponding troubleshoot steps.

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