What Is Cricket Phone Replacement Policy

If your phone is broken, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning then you can replace it from Cricket provided you comply with the replacement policy.

Cricket is a wireless service provider with good network coverage in most of the region as it is owned by AT&T. It is a popular choice for prepaid plans, no contract plans and affordable prices.

If you purchased the phone from Cricket and want to replace it but are not sure about the replacement policy of the phone then read on.

This article will discuss what is the replacement policy for the Cricket phone and how to get a Cricket replacement phone.

Why Do You Need The Replacement Policy To Get A Cricket Phone?

You may need Cricket phone replacement for various reasons some of which are mentioned below:

  • After continuous use over a period the phone may start to malfunction.
  • You may damage the phone by not being careful and it can break.
  • You may lose the phone.
  • The phone may get stolen.

The most important thing about Cricket phone is that it offers no warranties on its devices and the warranty solely depends on the manufacturer of the phone.

Cricket wireless service provider also allows the customer to bring their phone to use its service.

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The warranty provided by the phone’s manufacturer covers the malfunctioning of the phone which is not the fault of the customer.

If your phone starts malfunctioning then the manufacturer will check for any damage or misuse. After careful inspection, you can receive a replacement phone from the manufacturer within the warranty period.

A malfunctioning device can be replaced by the manufacturer at no additional cost. However, the phone cannot be replaced by the manufacturer or Cricket if your phone is lost, stolen or has physical damage.

These can be caused due to the owner’s negligence so the manufacturer or Cricket Wireless does not take any responsibility.

The good thing is you can get Cricket Protect from the service provider that covers the replacement for malfunctioning devices out of warranty period and also for lost, damaged or stolen phones.

To get Cricket Protect you have to pay $8 monthly and only pay the deductibles during the replacement of the phone.

The replacement phone that you receive from Cricket may not be of the same brand, colour or features as your previous phone. The replacement phone will come with a 12-month replacement warranty.

How To Get A Replacement Phone From Cricket?

To get a replacement phone from Cricket you should have the Cricket Protect feature that you have to purchase at an $8 monthly charge and pay only deductibles during replacement. You can place a request for a replacement phone by contacting the Cricket Support Team only if you have the Cricket Protect feature.

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Below are the steps to get your Cricket replacement phone if you have the Cricket Protect feature:

  • Gather your account information before you request a Cricket phone replacement, including phone number, phone make and model number, billing address of the account holder, basic details of the incident like date, time and location and your payment details to pay deductibles.
  • Place a request or claim to get the Cricket replacement phone either by calling customer support at 1-855-309-8342 or by visiting Cricket’s official website.
  • Click on “Start a claim” and fill out all the details to know whether you are eligible for replacement.
  • After the claim is approved by the Cricket team, the replacement phone will be shipped to your address.
  • Ensure that you claim the phone within 60 days of the date of the incident.
  • After receiving the replacement phone activate it to start using the service.

The only way to get a replacement phone from Cricket is to get the Cricket Protect Insurance. Without this insurance, you will not be able to get a replacement phone for lost, stolen or damaged devices.

The malfunctioning phones can be replaced by the manufacturer directly provided it is under the warranty period.

Another way to get a replacement phone is if you have insurance for your phone with other insurance companies. In such cases, you can get a replacement phone from the insurance company.

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