Character.AI Commands & Actions – An Ultimate Guide

Are you interested in knowing what commands you can use in the Character.AI platform or how you can distinguish action from a monologue in your chats?

Then this is the perfect article for you.

It can be confusing for users to understand how to use commands or distinguish certain things for example monologue from normal chat.

If that is the case there is no need to worry anymore as we will be answering all your confusion regarding commands and actions in Character.AI in the sections below.

Character.AI Commands

Character.AI Commands & Actions

There are no specific commands that you can use for Character.AI. 

You can use Astrerix or Italuics or brackets to indicate that it is a command. The AI of Character.AI will understand everything.

When you are using Asterix your sentence will look like this: *Your Sentence here*, for Italics Your Sentence here and for Brackets, (Your Sentence here).

There are no specific commands that you can use in chats of Chracter.AI however you can use these three to make the AI understand that the sentences are not liked normal chat, for example, maybe you want to put an internal monologue in italics or talk about anything else that is not related to the topic that you have been discussing in the chat.

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Whatever you do always keep consistent. Don’t use the asteroid for your monologue once and then shift to italics in the next instance.

If you are doing a role play then you can use the command OOC and then talk to the real AI about what you want to do and the AI will understand that you want to talk to the real AI and not the character that they have been roleplaying as.


Character.AI Actions

When you want your AI to understand that you are performing an action and not chatting then you can either bracket that section or put an Asterix in front and at the end of the action sentence.

You should also structure the sentence in a way that shows that you are performing certain actions.

Some users have said that keeping the action in the third person helps the AI of Character.AI to understand that you are performing an action better.

Whatever you do always keep consistent about it. If you are using thor italics to write actions then keep it that way, don’t change it to Asterix in the middle of the chat.

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