Can You Get Scammed on Vivid Seats?

Are you also wondering if you can get scammed on Vivid Seats?

If so, you have come to the right place to look for answers.

Vivid Seats is a popular ticket reselling platform, where users can buy and sell tickets to their favorite live events and performances, like music concerts, theater performances, and even sports matches.

Since it is a ticket reselling site, many users are now wondering about the possibilities of getting scammed on the platform, and what to do if it actually happens.

There are understandable questions that one may have.

So, if you are one of these people, read on to find out more about this.

Can You Get Scammed on Vivid Seats?

Yes, there is a possibility to get scammed on Vivid Seats, as with any ticket reselling platform.

This is because it is hard to confirm whether the tickets are legitimate or not unless htey are directly bought from the event organizer, which Vivid Seats does not do.

Vivid Seats is a platform where anyone can create a listing for tickets, and other people can then decide to purchase these tickets.

If you purchased a ticket from Vivid Seats, you will be getting the ticket from the person who originally bought the ticket, and not the actual event organizer.

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As such, it is hard to confirm the legitimacy of the tickets until the very last day.

Thus, there is always a possibility of getting scammed for tickets on Vivid Seats.

However, the good news is that Vivid Seats does its best to minimize this possibility through its stringent seller policies and 100% buyer guarantee.

In fact, Vivid Seats has a heavy penalty for ticket sellers if they are unable to complete the order from their end, carry out a vetting process to confirm that the ticket resellers on their platform are legitimate, and make sure to verify the tickets themselves.

With their 100% buyer guarantee, they do their best to keep the buyer safe from any scams or frauds while buying tickets, and always do their best to provide assistance to the buyer in case anything happens regarding the tickets.

Part of the 100% buyer guarantee that Vivid Seats gives is the guarantee that the tickets are accurate, and authentic, will be delivered on time, and you will receive robust customer care to reach out to.

Do Vivid Seats Refund You If the Tickets Are Fake?

Yes, Vivid Seats will refund you if the tickets turn out to be fake.

In their 100% buyer guarantee, Vivid Seats states that they have a robust system to ensure that the tickets that the buyer receives are completely authentic and valid seats.

Vivid Seat’s 100% Buyer Guarantee protects the buyer from scam and fraud.

If they are not, Vivid Seats will pay back the buyer.

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This means that if your tickets turn out to be fake, you can alert Vivid Seats about this issue and they will refund you the price of the tickets as soon as possible.

Some other options that they might offer instead of the refund include alternative tickets which are getting you alternative ticket options that are either just as good as the previous ones, or a better deal, getting you tickets to a different event which has the same value as the tickets for the original event, and so on.

It is unclear, however, if Vivid Seats refunds you simply the face value of the tickets that you purchased, or also the additional charges that their platform puts during payment.

As such, while it is clear that Vivid Seats will protect you from any fraud and scam regarding buying tickets, it is best to avoid such an issue.

One way you can do this is by checking if the original tickets by the event organizer are actually truly transferable or resellable.

You can often check this by reaching out to the customer care of the original ticket sellers who are providing the tickets straight from the event organizer, or looking for such information in any past shows by the same event organizer.

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Such information will give you an insight into how high the chances may be of you getting scammed while purchasing tickets from Vivid Seats.

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