Does Vivid Seats Have Fees?

Vivid Seats is a ticket exchange and resale company that fills the gap between ticket buyers and ticket sellers.

It is a full-service online marketplace for people looking to buy or sell tickets for sports, concerts, theatre and events.

If you have purchased tickets from Vivid Seats then you may have noticed the price that seems to include other costs as well.

It makes you wonder how much Vivid Seats take its cut from the overall price. This article will discuss if Vivid Seats have fees and how much is it.

Does Vivid Seats Have Fees?

Yes, Vivid Seats have fees which are added at the checkout as service fees when you purchase the ticket.

The service fees are added to cover the costs of all company-related operations that are required to make the transaction between buyer and seller smooth. It is also to maintain its award-winning customer service.

Vivid Seats is a very popular marketplace for ticket exchange and to keep it the best it comes with its costs.

This includes finding events and listing thousands of tickets, maintaining web security and privacy for its online services, coordinating and shipping tickets to the location and customer support.

Why Does Not Vivid Seats Show Fees?

If you see the price of the ticket on the listing it shows just the ticket price but it does not include additional cost which gets added subsequently when you checkout.

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After you select the ticket click on buy next to the listing to continue. You will see the ticket pane open and it will show you the price per ticket.

When you click on “Continue to Checkout” another page will open that will show you the full breakdown of the ticket price along with its service fees, delivery fees and the final price of the ticket.

Also, if you are using the Vivid Seats app on your mobile device then you may not be able to see the full price breakdown.

To see the price breakdown you can make the transaction on the Vivid Seats website.

How Much Are Vivid Seats Fees?

Vivid Seats fees are added when you checkout and the cost includes service and delivery fees for the ticket purchase.

It takes a service charge which is around 32% of the ticket price. In addition to it, there is also a delivery charge which is up to $2.50 for the mobile delivery. After the ticket is sold, it takes an additional 10% as a seller fee.

These costs cover the operations of Vivid Seats and maintaining its leading customer support.

Although Vivid Seats adds additional cost in the checkout, it also offers reward credit that you can use to purchase the tickets later.

The reward includes a free ticket after you have completed ten transactions. You get to earn Reward Credit for every transaction till you purchase ten tickets which get accumulated in your account.

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You can spend those credits in the Vivid Seats app to purchase a free ticket.

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