What Does The Apple Vision Pro Do: Know Everything

The Apple Vision Pro is like a magical pair of glasses that mixes the things you see on your computer or phone with the world around you.

It changes the way you use apps and see digital stuff. You can look around, use your hands, or speak to control it, which feels very natural.

It comes with Vision OS, which is like the brain of the Apple Vision Pro. It lets you watch Apple TV, surf the web with Safari, look at your pictures, change the look of your room with cool backgrounds, chat with friends on FaceTime, and even download more apps from the App Store.

In this blog, let’s explore What does the Apple Vision Pro do and its important features.

How Can I Select an App on Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro is equipped with advanced sensors that can follow where your eyes are looking. This cool feature means you can open an app just by looking at it and then pinching your fingers together in the air like you’re grabbing something.

This is handy because it lets you interact with your apps by using hand movements in the air, without the need for any physical controllers.

You can open apps, swipe through them, or close them, all with simple gestures. It’s a bit like having superpowers for your hands!

What Does The Apple Vision Pro Do

The Apple Vision Pro is a headset that works just like a smartphone. Here you can use the applications of Apple devices on Air with your hand gestures.

The cool part is you don’t need controllers to manage applications. You can do it with your hands moving. It is chargeable and comes with a battery.

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How Does Apple Vision Pro Works on App View?

When you start using Apple Vision Pro, you’ll see the Home View first. It’s like your home screen, where you can easily move to different areas for apps, chatting with friends, or changing your room’s background.

You can open your favourite apps with a simple touch, talk to friends, or make your room look like a different place. It’s a whole new way to experience technology that’s fun and easy to use.

Using Apple Vision Pro App View, you can view, organize, open and manage Applications on your iPhone. You can also search for apps, move the app around and install the app from the Apple store.

steps to open and manage apps on your Apple Vision Pro:

  • Press the “Digital Crown” at the top right side of your Apple Vision Pro headset. You will enter into the home view and you can see the apps.
  • If you don’t see your apps right away, look for the tab bar on the right side of the Home view and tap “Apps” in the tab bar again.
  • To search for an app, open “Control Center” by tapping its button, then tap the “Search” button and type or speak the name of the app.
  • To open an app, just look at it so it gets highlighted and tap your fingers together as if you are clicking it.
  • Alternatively, you can open an app by looking at it and saying, “Siri, open Safari” (Make sure Siri is set up first.)
  • When you open an app, it will show up where you are looking. You can move it to a different spot, make it bigger or smaller, or close it when you’re done.
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To Open App:

To open any app, just look at it so it’s highlighted and then tap your fingers together like you’re clicking them. Or, you can tell Siri to open it by looking at the app and saying, “Siri, open this.” Make sure you’ve set up Siri beforehand.

To Adjust Your View:

Once an app is open, it will appear wherever you’re looking. You can move it to a different spot, make it bigger or smaller, or close it when you’re done. It’s like arranging things in your room but with your apps.

Remember, you can also use apps from your iPad and iPhone with your Apple Vision Pro. Just find the “Compatible Apps” folder in your Home View to see which ones you can use. If you want new apps, go to the App Store on your Apple Vision Pro and explore.

To Force Quit Your App:

  • Press and hold the two buttons simultaneously at the top of the headset ( Top button and crown button)
  • Wait until the Force Quit applications message appears.
  • Tap on the app you want to close the application and tap “Force Quit” using hand actions.

How Does Apple Vision Pro Environment View Work?

Using Apple Vision Pro Environment View you can change the background of your physical surroundings with other backgrounds such as the Moon, Mount Hood, and more

To Use Environment View On Apple Vision Pro:

  • Press the “Crown button” at the top right side of the headset to enter the Home view.
  • In the “Home View“, locate the “Tab bar” usually found on the left side of the screen.
  • See the “Double Mountain Icon” and pinch on it using hand action.
  • Now you can see different backgrounds, choose one you like and change your environment.
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How Does Apple Vision Pro People View Work?

With the help of Apple Vision Pro people view, you can manage contacts and calls. You can make both video and audio calls using the new FaceTime feature.

  • Press the “Crown button” on the top right of the headset to enter Home View.
  • Click on the “People icon” from the “Tab bar” usually located on the left side of the screen.
  • Then click on “New Face Time” and you can see a list of people with their profile icons on the screen.
  • You can select a person or search for a number and make a call.
  • You can also do a video call or audio call to single or multiple persons. The feature also allows people to connect from different devices like Android phones not only the Apple device.