How to Get Sky Devices Government Tablet Replacement

Is your Sky Devices tablet not working properly and you are looking for a tablet replacement that you received through the Lifeline program?

Sky Devices is an American mobile device manufacturer which is located in Florida. It provides tablets to the Lifeline service or Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) providers at minimal cost.

The Lifeline service providers then distribute tablets to low-income groups who are eligible for the program.

Sky Devices provides high-quality tablets that usually face no issues and with time they may malfunction, get lost or be stolen.

If you are facing any issues with your Sky Devices government tablet and looking for its replacement and are not sure how to get a replacement then read on.

This article will discuss why you need to replace a Sky Devices government tablet and how to get a replacement.

Why You May Need A Sky Devices Government Tablet Replacement?

You may need Sky Devices Government tablet replacement for various reasons which are mentioned below:

  • After continuous use over a period the device may start to malfunction.
  • You may damage the device by not being careful and it can break.
  • You may lose the device.
  • The device may get stolen.

Sky Devices offers high-quality products and they all come with a 12-month warranty with replacement if the device starts malfunctioning provided that there is no physical damage.

When you get the Sky Devices tablet from Lifeline service or Affordable Connectivity Program providers you get a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty with it.

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So, you do not have to contact the manufacturer when you require a replacement.

How To Get Sky Devices Government Tablet Replacement?

The first step to get a Sky Devices government tablet replacement is to contact the service provider from whom you got the tablet. You can describe the situation of the tablet whether it is malfunctioning, lost, stolen or broken. The service provider will let you know if your device is eligible for replacement.

  • If you received the tablet from the Lifeline service or ACP provider, you should contact the service provider’s customer support. You can visit their official website and get the telephone number, email and other methods to contact them.
  • If you received the tablet from Cavery Communications & Consulting, contact Cavery Communications’ customer service. You can also call them at 530-628-0125 or via email.

After you contact the concerned customer service, describe the situation about the tablet to them in detail. You may also have to provide your information, the model number of the tablet etc. to assist you with the replacement.

If you are replacing the tablet because it is malfunctioning, you have to send the tablet back to the service provider so that they can do a thorough inspection.

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The tablet which is malfunctioning and has no sign of physical damage makes it eligible for replacement. You will receive the replacement as soon as possible after inspection.

In case of a broken tablet, you can contact the customer service of the service provider and explain the situation in detail about how the tablet broke. The representative will assess your situation and let you know if it can be replaced.

A broken tablet due to misuse or negligence is not eligible for replacement. You may have to pay extra to get a replacement for the tablet.

If your tablet is lost or stolen then it will not be eligible for replacement as the Sky Devices and ACP providers do not take responsibility for your negligence.

However, you should still contact the service provider about the lost or stolen tablet and can get options for what can be done.

If your tablet was insured then you can contact the insurance company to cover the cost of the tablet replacement.

When Can You Receive A Sky Devices Government Tablet Replacement?

The time to receive a Sky Devices government tablet replacement depends on various factors which include the inspection of the device, your location to deliver the replacement and the availability of the device.

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The factors on which a Sky Devices government tablet replacement depends are further described below:

  • The replacement will depend on the complexity of the tablet which is malfunctioning and only after a thorough inspection, the table will be approved for replacement. Depending on the severity and the warranty cover the replacement may take a couple of weeks to reach you.
  • The replacement tablet will take time to reach if you live in a remote area of the country where very few service is available. In such a case you have to wait patiently to receive the tablet replacement.
  • Other factors that can contribute to the delay include the availability of the replacement tablet model. Also, unforeseen circumstances can take time to deliver the tablet replacement.

Your service provider will give you an estimated time frame if the tablet is eligible for replacement based on your situation and circumstances.

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