How Long Does PandaBuy Takes To Ship And Deliver Your Order

Do you want to know how long does PandaBuy takes to ship and deliver your order? Are you waiting for your order? Are you planning to order on PandaBuy? Do you want details on the PandaBuy shipping and delivery process?

You don’t have to worry. We got you all the information for the PandaBuy shipping and delivery process. You can calculate the delivery time with the help of our article.

PandaBuy helps you to purchase any products from China. It is a professional agent service. You can order products from different sellers. PandaBuy has global shipping. You can find products by pasting the item link on the app or website.

It offers shopping, warehousing, and shipping services. PandaBuy provides the services for zero service fee. It has a user-friendly interface and features. The Pandabuy app is available on the Play Stores and the App Stores.

How To Order On PandaBuy And What Is the Shipping Process?

You can order products on the PandaBuy app or website. For orders, you should select the item, paste or enter the item details on PandaBuy, and submit the order. After you submit the order, PandaBuy will review and store it in their warehouse. You need to submit the order by entering your address. It will collect the product the product and send it to your address.

Steps To Order On PandaBuy And Its Shipping Procedure:

Step 1: Select the item. You should select an item to purchase. You can choose items from any Chinese Mainland Shopping Website.

Step 2: Submit your shopping agent order on PandaBuy. You can log in to your account or sign up on the PandaBuy. You can use the PandaBuy website or app. You should submit the selected item to the PandaBuy shopping agent. You can paste the product link or enter the product details( product name, colour, size, etc.) on PandaBuy. You should select the colour and size of the product.

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Step 3: PandaBuy will review your order and purchase the product. Pandabuy will access your order details. It will purchase your order from the seller after the review.

Step 4: PandaBuy will store the item in their warehouse once they receive it. After ordering the product, PandaBuy will receive it within a period. It will stock the product in their Warehouse. It will inspect the product after receiving the product. 

Step 5: Submit the delivery order. After they store your item, you can complete your delivery details. Visit ‘Me’ or ’My Warehouse’ on the PandaBuy to fill your delivery order. To place the delivery order, enter your residential address, choose the logistic company, check the international shipping fees, customs clearance fees, and other fees, check the corresponding fees, and place the delivery order. The related costs include tag removal, package removal, and package strengthening. 

Step 6: The PandaBuy will collect, pack, and send your item. After you place the delivery order, PandaBuy will take your order from its warehouse. It will pack your order and send it to your address.

Step 7: Receive your order. You can complete your order by rating the shipping agent experience on the ‘Me’ or ‘My order’ page on PandaBuy.

How Long Does PandaBuy Take To Ship Your Order?

The shipping duration for Chinese Domestic Shopping is three to five(3 to 5) working days. PandaBuy will receive the product within the period.

PandaBuy will ship your order after you complete the delivery order. It only takes three to five days after placing the delivery order. It will receive, inspect, and pack your order from its warehouse. 

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How Long Does PandaBuy Take To Get To The Warehouse?

The PandaBuy will take three to five working days. It might take a maximum of one week. The delay might be due to the delay on the Chinese Marketplace.

Your order will reach the PandaBuy, and they will store it in the Warehouse. You can request the PandaBuy to speed up the process or to get the shipping details. 

How Long Does PandaBuy Take To Deliver Your Order?

Your order delivery period depends on the International Logistics Company and the Chinese marketplace. It can take ten to sixty(10 to 60) days. 

Estimated Duration For A Few International Logistics Companies:

  • The EMS shipping company takes ten to twelve days(10 to 12 days) for delivery. 
  • The AIR MAIL shipping agency takes approximately twenty to thirty days(20 to 30 days). 
  • The Mail POST International company takes from fifteen to twenty days(15 to 20 days) for delivery. 
  • The SURFACE International shipping company takes forty to sixty days(40 to 60 days).

How To Check PandaBuy International Shipping Cost And Details?

You can check the details of the delivery period on the PandaHall Delivery website. To check the delivery duration, visit the web page, choose your country, select shipping methods, and choose the view details option.

Steps To Check Shipping Duration And International Company For PandaBuy Delivery:

PandHall Web Page For International Shipping Cost And Delivery Details
  • Select your residential Country on the PandaHall Delivery website. 
  • Select the Shipping Method on the available options.
  • Choose the View Details option,
  • Check the estimated shipping duration depending on your country and shipping method. 

You can calculate the shipping duration for your order. You can add the International Shipping duration with the PandaBuy shipping duration. Try adding the International shipping period of three to five days to get an approximate period to receive your order. 

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How Long Does PandaBuy Hold The Product?

The PandaBuy can hold your product in its warehouse for ninety days(90 days). Submit the parcel before the ninety days to receive the product.  

Pay attention to the PandaBuy storage period and your shipping details. You can apply for a return or exchange within five days of PandaBuy receiving your product. You can’t apply for the exchange or return of your produce if your product exceeds five days in PandaBuy’s Warehouse.

How To Contact PandaBuy Customer Support?

You can contact the PandaBuy for shipping queries and issues. You can get online support on the PandaBuy Contact Us website. It works 24 hours on all weekdays and weekends.

You can send your queries to the You can also contact them on their Social Media page. To contact them on Discord, search for the PandaBuy on the Discard app.

PandaBuy is known for its instant response. The PandaBuy Customer Service will reach you immediately or within a few hours.

You should contact your International Shipping agent if your shipping is delayed. You can contact it after PandaBuy ships your order.

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