All About The PandaBuy Refund

Are you going to cancel an order on PandaBuy? Do you know about PandaBuy refund? When does PandaBuy refund your payment? What is the PandaBuy Refund Policy? How does PandaBuy refund your amount? Where does it get deposited?

You don’t need to worry about your PanadBuy refund. We gathered all the details about it and presented them for your reference.

PandaBuy is a professional agent service. You can purchase products from China with the PandaBuy. It offers global shipping. You can buy products from any Chinese shopping platform by using the PandaBuy.

PandaBuy provides purchasing, shipping, and Warehousing services. PandaBuy has a user-friendly interface. It also has user-friendly features. 

You can use the PandaBuy app or website for purchasing. You can download it on the Play Store or the App Store. It enables you to purchase from online or offline Chinese Marketplace. 

Will PandaBuy Refund Your Payment?

PandaBuy will refund your payment when your order meets the return policy. The PandaBuy will approve your cancellation request. It will deposit your refund to your PandaBuy Balance immediately.

You need to request for your order cancellation or cancel your order. You need to meet the eligibility criteria for the PandaBuy return policy. 

PandaBuy will approve your cancellation request when your order meets the return eligibility criteria. It will deposit your amount into your PandaBuy account.

What Is The Time Limit For Returning Your Order?

You can cancel your order at any time. You should pay the return fees if you cancel your order after PandaBuy receives the product.

You can cancel your order whenever you want in PandaBuy, but it includes all the shipping fees and return fees. You should pay the cancellation fees to the PandaBuy for cancellation. 

You can visit our article on ‘How to cancel a PandaBuy order.’ Follow the steps mentioned for cancelling your order on PandaBuy.

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Is Your Product Eligible For Return/ Exchange On The PandaBuy?

Your ordered product is not eligible for return or exchange if it is a custom-made product, food, undergarments, newspapers or magazines, books (less than 15 books), second-hand products, or adult products. 

Your product is not eligible for return or exchange if the package, tags, and accessories are being removed due to the customer’s request. 

You can return or exchange your opened product, but it should meet the ‘Special Standards’ of PandaBuy.

List Of Product Unavailable For PandaBuy Return or Exchange:

  • Custom Made. Personalized or tailored products are ineligible for PandaBuy exchange and return.
  • The Opened Or Removed Packages. If customers request PandaBuy to remove the package, tag, or accessories. 
  • The Newspapers or Periodicals. The newsletters, magazines, newspapers, and periodicals are unavailable for PandaBuy return or refund.
  • Second hand product. Your order on the Second-hand product is not available for refund. 
  • The Product orders outside the Chinese Mainland are unavailable for return or exchange on the PandaBuy.
  • Undergarments. Underwear, socks, and leggings are not eligible for PandaBuy return or exchange.
  • Adult Products. 
  • Other Stipulated by the Sellers. Sellers that do not have an exchange or return services are not eligible.
  • Food products. Cookies, biscuits, and other food products are unavailable for exchange or return. 
  • Books. Orders that have less than fifteen books are ineligible for exchange or return on the PandaBuy.

Your order should not meet the unavailable product list for PandaBuy Return or Exchange.

Opened products should meet the ‘Special Standard’ for Pandabuy exchange or return. You can still request PandaBuy for a return or exchange, but the seller should accept it. 

The Special Standard requires one-time sealing packaging to remain sealed. The Special Standards include Medicines, fragrances, electrical gadgets, beauty products, large home appliances, and electronic components. 

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You can check the below images for the Special Standard. You can check your product on the list.

PandaBuy does not guarantee an exchange or return of these products. You can cancel and get a refund on the PandaBuy if the product is not on the list.

When Will You Get Your Refund Payment?

Your Payment refund is dependent on when you cancel your order. You can get your refund in 3 to 7 days. 

You will get your refund within three working days(3 days) if the status of your order is in ‘Processing’ or ‘Pending Process.’ PandaBuy will refund your payment when the seller approves your order cancellation. You don’t need to pay cancellation fees or shipping fees.

You will get your refund within seven working days(7 days) if your order status is ‘Seller Sent.’ PandaBuy will request the seller for a cancellation and refund. PandaBuy will add the payment to your PandaBuy account when it gets a refund from the seller. 

You will get your refund in seven to fifteen days(7 to 15 days) if your order status is ‘Stored in Warehouse.’ PandaBuy will request the seller for a refund or exchange according to your needs. You will get your refund when the seller accepts your return.

PandaBuy will deposit your payment in your PandaBuy account balance. You can transfer or use the amount later. PandaBuy account is the bank account associated with the PandaBuy.

Does PandaBuy Refund To Your Card?

PandaBuy will credit your payment on your card. The refund for your order cancellation is on the card you used for your order’s payment transactions. 

You need to wait two to three billing cycles for the statement appearance in your account. You can check your account balance for PandaBuy refund. You can also check your account transaction history.

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Can You Request For Refund When The Agent Takes Your Order?

You can request a refund for a PandaBuy order, but it does not guarantee your return. You should approach your agent for cancellation, return, or exchange of your order. 

You can’t reach PandaBuy for cancellation once the agent gets your product. The Agent will try to return your product to the PandaBuy.

You should pay the cancellation fees. It includes the shipping, returning, and other cancellation fees. 

What Is The PandaBuy Refund Method?

You should cancel your order on the PandaBuy for a refund. You can request the PandaBuy for return by logging in to your account. You will get your refund once the seller accepts your return.

Check the eligibility for your order return or exchange in the earliest part of the page. You can request for cancellation on the PandaBuy app/ website. You can request your order return by contacting PandaBuy Customer Service. 

You can contact them online through the PandaBuy Customer Support page. You can contact them anytime. It is available 24 hours all seven days.

You can also contact PandaBuy Customer Support through email. You can email for cancellation.

PandaBuy will process your cancellation or return. PandaBuy will request a return to the seller. You will get your refund when the Seller approves your return.