What Does “Domestic Shipping” Mean On PandaBuy

Are you coming across Domestic Shipping charges while checking out on the PandaBuy app or website? Are you facing high and exorbitant charges for domestic shipping?

Panda Buy is a 2017 e-commerce site that was launched. It is a platform that specializes in offering high-quality goods at reasonable prices. It sells gadgets, clothing, household items, and cosmetic products, among other things.

One of the key benefits of using PandaBuy is that clients may buy products directly from Chinese suppliers. Customers can benefit from lower costs and a greater selection of products that are not available in their local marketplaces.

PandaBuy provides affordable purchasing, storage, and delivery services with just one click.

This article will help you understand more about “Domestic Shipping”, “International Shipping”, and what “Underpaid” means on the PandaBuy app or website.

What Does “Domestic Shipping” Mean On PandaBuy?

Domestic shipping entails the process of shipping your purchased items on the PandaBuy app or website from the seller to the PandaBuy warehouse.

Domestic shipping charges are fixed in nature. It can not be changed by the user, as it is set and levied by the seller. So it does not matter if you purchase 1 item or 10 items, the domestic shipping charges remain the same.

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Note that the domestic shipping charges are denoted in CNY (Chinese Yuan) and not USD (US Dollars).

What Does “International Shipping” Mean On PandaBuy?

International shipping charges include the cost of shipping the items purchased by you on the PandaBuy app or website from the PandaBuy warehouse to your delivery address.

International shipping is estimated on the basis of the destination of the courier, the total weight of the package, and the shipping method. It can be a complicated process to calculate the shipping charges by yourself.

Here is a simple way to calculate the shipping charges within a minute:

  • Add the items you would like to purchase to the PandaBuy cart.
  • Click on the check boxes next to the items in the cart and then click on the Estimator button below on your screen.
  • Choose your destination country and then click on the Inquire button.
  • You will not get an estimated shipping cost from various shipping companies.

Now, you have an estimated cost of shipping that you can pay while checking out.

What Does “Underpaid” Mean On PandaBuy

Underpaid on the PandaBuy app or website simply means that the cost of your parcel is more than what you have prepaid for. In this situation, you will need to supplement your shipping cost to receive your parcel.

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Did you receive a message from PandaBuy saying you need to supplement your freight amount as the parcel is underpaid? Are you required to declare an additional amount of money to receive your parcel from PandaBuy?

If you come across a message from PandaBuy stating an underpayment in freight, ensure that you make the necessary required payment within the next 72 hours. If you fail to make the payment within the due time, your parcel may be cancelled.

If you do not wish to pay further, you can cancel your shipment and your money will be refunded to you soon once the products are shipped back to the seller.

To avoid such situations, it is advisable to have your products shipped in batches, as the shipping charges may be volatile and extremely high due to a lot of heavy products being shipped together.