How Does PandaBuy Work

Are you interested in purchasing products from China and having them delivered to your doorstep? Look no further than PandaBuy! But how does PandaBuy actually work, and how can you use it? 

PandaBuy serves as a middleman between international buyers and Chinese sellers, enabling you to shop from popular Chinese online platforms. Simply browse platforms like Taobao or, select the items you want, and paste the product link or name into PandaBuy’s search bar. 

From there, PandaBuy handles purchasing, stores the items in their warehouse, and arranges international shipping to your location. It’s a hassle-free way to access a wide range of products from China. Let’s explore how PandaBuy can make your shopping experience seamless and convenient.

How Does Pandabuy Work?

PandaBuy works as a bridge between Chinese sellers and international buyers. When we want to purchase products from China, PandaBuy acts as a middleman by buying the items on our behalf from local Chinese sellers who only ship within China. 

They have a warehouse where the purchased items are stored. Once the items arrive at the warehouse, PandaBuy arranges for international shipping to deliver the products to our desired location. 

By providing this service, PandaBuy enables us to access a wide range of products from China and have them delivered to our doorstep, overcoming the limitations of direct international shipping from Chinese sellers.

How To Use Pandabuy?

To use PandaBuy, browse Chinese online platforms, select items, submit orders with details or through a form, confirm and pay, and then PandaBuy purchases from sellers. After inspection and storage, submit for delivery, pay shipping fees, and receive carefully packed items. PandaBuy ensures a pleasant shopping experience.

Below is a detailed explanation of how to use Pandabuy:

1. Select The Item

Start by browsing popular Chinese online shopping platforms like Taobao, Tmall, or

You can also find product recommendations on social media platforms like Reddit, Instagram, or TikTok.

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Once you find something you like, copy the product link or name and paste it into PandaBuy’s search bar.

2. Submit Your Order

There are two ways to do this. 

Method 1: Add & Buy

This allows you to directly select the item’s color, size, and quantity. You can add any special remarks and click “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart.”

PandaBuy provides helpful information like sales volume, average shipping time, weight, and item volume before you place your order.

Method 2: Fill & Buy 

This is for cases where the PandaBuy system fails to capture the link (e.g., Yupoo links).

In this case, you’ll be redirected to a form-filling page where you manually provide details like the item name, specifications (colours, sizes), and price. You can also place WeChat orders through the Fill & Buy form.

3. Confirm Your Order

Select your destination country. Your purchased items will arrive at the PandaBuy warehouse, which you can view in your Personal Center.

Once the items arrive, you can submit an international package order and provide your detailed address. If you want to see more detailed pictures of the items, you can select the option for extra photos.

4. Pay For Your Items

Choose a payment method from options like PayPal, Credit Cards, Alipay Plus, Stripe, UnionPay, Alipay, or Wise.

You’ll need to pay for the item and the Chinese local shipping fee at this stage.

5. Pandabuy Purchase

Once your order is confirmed, PandaBuy’s agent will contact the seller and purchase the items on your behalf.

The seller will then ship the items to the PandaBuy warehouse. This process usually takes around 3 to 5 working days. You’ll be notified via internal message if any issues arise during the purchasing process.

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6. Inspection And Storage

PandaBuy will perform quality checks on your items and store them in their warehouse.

You can view the inspection results in your Personal Center. If you’re satisfied with the product, it will be kept in the warehouse for you. 

If not, PandaBuy’s agent team can help you negotiate with the seller for returns or exchanges.

Your items will be stored in the PandaBuy warehouse for up to 90 days, allowing you to combine multiple items into one shipment to save on shipping fees.

7. Submit For Delivery

Once your items are stored in the warehouse, you must visit the “Warehouse” section and select the items you want to ship. 

Click “submit” to arrange international delivery. You’ll need to enter the overseas address, choose package details, select a shipping method, start the declaration process, and pay the international shipping fee.

8. Pay The International Shipping Fee

Choose a payment method for the international shipping fee. The fee is calculated based on the estimated weight of the product, the selected shipping method, and the destination.

9. Delivery And Reward

PandaBuy will carefully pack your items and send out your package after you’ve submitted the delivery order.

You can track your package using the provided tracking number and monitor its shipping progress on the PandaBuy website. After receiving your package, you can share your shopping experience and apply for rewards or incentives.

Remember, PandaBuy is a professional agent service that aims to provide efficient order processing, reliable after-sales support, and an enjoyable shopping experience for you.

2. Can I request additional information or changes before shipping?

Yes, you can request additional pictures, measurements, exchanges, or returns through PandaBuy. They act as a communication bridge between you and the sellers, ensuring you have all the necessary information before proceeding with the shipment.

3. How does PandaBuy ensure the safety of my purchases?

PandaBuy offers additional security by inspecting the purchased items for quality and authenticity. They also handle the packaging and shipping, ensuring your products are well-protected during transit.

4. What payment methods does PandaBuy accept?

PandaBuy accepts various payment methods, including credit cards and other popular online payment platforms. They provide a secure connection for payment transactions, ensuring the safety of your sensitive information.

5. How does PandaBuy handle shipping and delivery?

Once your items are ready for shipment, PandaBuy will consolidate them, provide you with shipping options, and handle the customs clearance process. They strive to offer competitive shipping prices and efficient delivery to your location.

6. Can I track my package after it has been shipped?

Yes, PandaBuy provides tracking information for your package. You can monitor its progress and know its current location until it reaches your doorstep. They keep you informed throughout the shipping process to ensure a smooth delivery experience.