Best Pandabuy Spreadsheets: Cheap, Shoes, QC

Pandabuy is an e-commerce marketplace based in China that lets you shop for items from Chinese sellers. It acts as a middleman between you, the customer and the local sellers from China.

It is a third-party website that helps connect international customers with Chinese sellers. Pandabuy spreadsheets are an easy way to find any items you want from a comprehensive list of more than 1,000 items.

The Pandabuy spreadsheets include pictures of each item and their corresponding price in Chinese Yuan and U.S. Dollars which acts as a reference for the items to search on the Pandabuy website.

The spreadsheets are also a good way to check the available items and out-of-stock ones. They are available through Google Docs with the items link.

To learn more about the Pandabuy spreadsheets and access the spreadsheet link for various items, read this article.

What Are The Features Of The Pandabuy Spreadsheets?

The Pandabuy spreadsheets are categorized into various categories of items like shoes, clothing, accessories, home décor and other items to make it easy for the buyers to find an item.

It also has the following features:

  • Pictures of the items in the spreadsheet are included after the quality check and give you an idea of what you can expect in the parcel.
  • There are two currencies listed in the spreadsheet Chinese Yuan and U.S. Dollars to serve international buyers.
  • Get regular updates on the items that are newly added, available or out-of-stock.
  • All the listings are in categories making it easy to browse any item.
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You can use the Pandabuy spreadsheet to make informed decisions before making the purchase, simplify your search of items that you are interested in buying and compare prices to get the best items at the best price.

How To Use The Pandabuy Spreadsheets?

The best way to use the Pandabuy spreadsheet is to bookmark it for easy access, apply filters to make the most of the items you are looking for and check it regularly to always remain updated about any new item added to the list or out-of-stock items. You also get to check the prices to purchase the item at the best price.

Also, when you are purchasing the item from Pandabuy, remember that the items are replicas of the original products. So, keep yourself aware of the laws if you purchase an item to sell in your country or region.

List of Pandabuy Spreadsheets For Various Categories

Following is the list of Pandabuy spreadsheet links based on clothing, shoes, electronics, accessories and miscellaneous items.

1. Pandabuy Clothing Spreadsheet

The clothing spreadsheet from Pandabuy includes t-shirts, shirts, jackets, coats, pants, trousers etc.

  • Pandabuy t-shirts, jerseys spreadsheet

  • Pandabuy shirts spreadsheet

  • Pandabuy coats/jackets/hoodies spreadsheet

  • Pandabuy trousers/pants spreadsheet
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2. Pandabuy Shoes Spreadsheet

3. Pandabuy Electronics Spreadsheet

4. Pandabuy Accessories Spreadsheet

5. Pandabuy Miscellaneous Spreadsheet

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