How To Withdraw Money From PandaBuy Balance

Do you want to withdraw money from PandaBuy balance? How can you withdraw your cash from your PandaBuy account? How long does it take to withdraw money? When will your bank account receive the withdrawal?

You don’t need to worry. We have a step-by-step method to withdraw your money from the PandaBuy account balance. We also mentioned the duration of transferring your PandaBuy account balance to your bank account.

PandaBuy is a professional agent servicer. It acts as a bridge between customers across the globe and the Chinese Marketplace. Customers can purchase from any Chinese shopping platform through PandaBuy. 

PandaBuy provides purchasing, shipping, and warehousing services. You can use it on the website or app. PandaBuy has a user-friendly interface and features. It also has a lower cost.

Can You Withdraw Your Money From PandaBuy?

Yes, you can withdraw your cash from your PandaBuy account balance. PandaBuy allows its users to remove and deposit amounts on their account balance. 

You can withdraw your PandaBuy account balance at any time. You can deposit your PandaBuy account balance to your bank account.

How To Withdraw Money From PandaBuy Balance?

To withdraw your money from your PandaBuy balance, try logging in to your account, go to your profile, select the wallet option, check your PandaBuy account balance, and select the refund option.

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The elaborated steps to withdraw cash from your PandaBuy account balance are below.

Steps To Withdraw PandaBuy Account Balance To Your Bank Account:

  • Visit the PandaBuy website or download the PandaBuy app on the Play Stores or the App Stores.
  • Login to your PandaBuy account. You should enter your email ID, password, and a verification code from logging in to the PandaBuy. You can change your password if you forget it.
  • After logging in to your PandaBuy account, select the Profile icon. The profile icon is on the top of the website or app.
  • A pop-up menu will appear after selecting the profile icon. Select the User Center option from the menu.
  • Scroll down the page and select the Wallet option. 
  • Check your Pandabuy account balance in the wallet option of the app/ website.
  • Select the Refund option next to your Pandabuy account balance. The PandaBuy will transfer the amount in your PandaBuy account balance to your bank account. 

These are the steps to withdraw your PandaBuy account balance. It can take only two to five minutes. Remember to have a proper internet connection while transferring your money to avoid errors.

Where Does The Withdrawal Money Gets Deposited?

The PandaBuy account balance gets transferred to your bank account associated with the PandaBuy account when you select to refund your money.

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PandaBuy will use your account information for refunding your PandaBuy account balance. You don’t have to worry about misusing your account information.

PandaBuy will transfer your account balance to your associated bank account or any third-party payment account.

It uses the bank information you provided while transferring your cash to the PandaBuy account. The PandaBuy will process your refund request once you select to withdraw your Pandabuy account balance to your account.

How Long Does The PandaBuy Takes To Transfer Your Money?

The payment process can take two to three business(2 to 3 days) days. PandaBuy will start to refund your account balance to your associated payment account.

You can check your account balance or transfer history for the PandaBuy refund or withdrawal. You can wait till two or three building cycles. You can wait for two to three days after you request the refund. 

You can contact the PandaBuy if your refund gets delayed. PandaBuy will clarify the refund details.

How To Contact PandaBuy Customer Support Services?

You can contact the PandaBuy Customer Support team if your refund gets delayed. You can also contact them if you face an issue while requesting your PandaBuy account refund.

You can contact the PandaBuy customer service representative online. Visit the PandaBuy Contact Us website to connect with them online.

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The online customer support is available for 24 hours throughout the week. You can contact them any time of the day through online.

You can also contact PadnaBuy customer service through an email detailing your queries and concerns at