Fix: Raft Engine Controls Not Working

Since its release in June 2022, Raft has gained a lot of popularity in the gaming world.

As the name suggests, the player has to undertake tasks while being on a raft. The controls of the Raft play a very important role in the game.

Many users have faced the problem where the Raft engine, especially the anchor is causing issues or may not work.

Why are Raft Engine Controls Not Working?

Raft engine controls not working because the anchor levers are designed to be compatible with the more sophisticated level of anchor in the engine controls.

The players are required to have an advanced stationary anchor in the game to have smooth functioning of the engine control.

To obtain the advanced stationary anchor you will have to visit the temperance island.

The temperance island is found in chapter 3 wherein the gamers will get the blueprint of the advanced stationary anchor in the observatory hidden inside a safe box.

How To Fix “Raft Engine Controls Not Working”

To fix the Raft Engine controls not working issue, you need to build the advanced stationary anchor on temperance island. The blueprint of the advanced stationary anchor will be available in the observatory.

In the observatory, the players need to search a locker to locate the blueprint.

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If the player has skipped his journey to the temperance island, then you can still construct an advanced stationary anchor by following the guide below.

Collect each of these items to complete the construction:

  • Plank (10)
  • rope (6)
  • steel ingot (4)
  • bolt (4)
  • titanium ingot (8)

After the construction of the advanced stationary anchor, you will have to position it on the raft.

After all the process is completed, you can see that now the engine controls are working properly to lever the anchor.


There is no bug or application error that is causing your engine control, especially for the anchor to not work properly.

The reason is that you will have to upgrade your anchor into a stationary advanced anchor to gain back the engine control. 

To construct a stationary advanced anchor, you must collect the blueprint available on the temperance island in chapter 3 of the game.

The blueprint can be located in the observatory inside a locker.

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