What is Telegram Heart Notification and How to Use

Telegram is a free cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging service. There is also end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing, and other features.

Telegram enables you to access your chats from a variety of devices.

Recently Telegram has released the Heart Icon to use as reaction for it’s users.

Some Telegram users are not sure what is the Telegram Heart Icon notification and how to use it.

Below we would explain that what is the Telegram Heart Notification, why it is seen and how it can be used by Telegram users.

What is Telegram Heart Notification?

Telegram shows the Heart notification for unseen reactions in chat. Users can press and hold the reaction menu to see the larger effects.

Whenever there is any unread notifications or chat on Telegram, it would show the heart notification on right side of chat as an unread notification.

How to Use Telegram Heart Notification?

If someone sends you any message in chat, it would show you heart notification in front of it as unseen notification automatically.

Why I see Telegram Heart Notification?

There is a bug in Telegram chat that even if you have read the recent unread chat notification, still it keep showing the heart Icon as unseen chat. Issue has been faced by both iPhone and Android users.

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How to Remove Telegram Heart Notification?

There is nothing much you can do from your side except to wait till Telegram technical team fix the issue. Telegram technical team is aware about the bug and try to fix the issue in backend itself.

Till Telegram technical team fix the issue, As a temporary fix, you can use the Telegram on your Desktop or Laptop where issue isn’t seen or reported by users.

Bug has been reported by many users on Telegram official site, you can track it on Telegram_bug1 Telegram_Bug2.

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