How To Get Free Bumps On Vinted

Are you having trouble selling your item in Vinted? Maybe your items are not selling well or they are always at the bottom of the page and the buyers can not see them much.

This can be extremely frustrating when you want to sell an item fast. There is no need to worry anymore as Vinted has come up with a feature called Bumps. This feature is a promotional feature by Vinted through which your item will get promoted and be at the top of the page.

However, you will have to pay to use this feature. Now you might not be willing to pay. In that case, can you even use this feature at all? What if I told you that you can?

In this article, we will be talking about ways that will help you in getting free bumps in Vinted for your items. So, what are you waiting for? let’s read!

What Are Bumps on Vinted?

Vinted Bumps

Vinted bumps is a promotional feature that helps you to promote the items that you have created listings of.

Through this feature of Vinted, you can promote your items to be at the top and your items will be displayed over others of the same category.

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This feature is generally a paid feature where you will have to pay a certain amount to use the Bumps feature in Vinted.

However, there are certain ways you can have the bumps for free and get your items promoted without any cost.

You will get to know all the ways you can get free bumps from Vinted in the section below. However, keep in mind that after you have exhausted all the ways through which you can get free bumps you will have to pay to activate the feature for your items.

How To Get Free Bumps On Vinted?

There are a few ways you can get free bumps from Vinted. Below we have discussed the ways in which you can do so.

1. Free Bumps are Given in New Accounts

In Vinted platform if you create a new account then you will have free bumps. Vinted gives free bumps to you when you have just created a new account.

You will get promotions where Vinted will offer you free bumps in your mail. So, check your email for those free bumps that Vinted will send your way.

2. Reupload Your Listing

When you reupload your listing Vinted will push your item at the front because the listing is new.

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If you want to promote the listing that you have created then you can delete the listing and then reupload the listing.

As the listing will get uploaded again Vinted will think it to be a new item and will give it free bumps to bump it at the top.

3. Add More Listing

You can also make a new listing in Vinted. Sellers have found that after they have made new item listings in Vinted their old items have also gotten free bumps which had made those sell very well.

If you have more items that you need to sell then you should also list them in Vinted as your old items will get promoted through those.

4. Use Vinted Bots or Extensions

You can also use Vointed bots and extensions to give you free bumps to your item listings.

Extensions like Vinkit and Growbot will help you to get free bumps in Vinted.


You should add those bots or extensions when using Vinted to get the free bumps to promote your items.

Is It Worth Bumping Items On Vinted?

It is definitely worth bumping items on Vinted as bumping the items will help you to rank higher in Vinted as Vinted will promote your items.

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If you want to sell your items in Vinted faster then you have to use the bumps that will help you to promote your items and those items will be shown more to the buyers.

This in turn will make your items sell faster than a normal item which is not shown much to the buyer.

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