How To Fix Visible Wireless Activation Problems

Are you having trouble trying to activate the eSIM of Visible? You might not be able to activate your eSIM card from Visible as it could be stuck in the middle of the activation process or if you have been able to activate the SIM card properly now the phone could be showing no service. 

The experience can then be quite draining and frustrating. It’s also possible that you don’t know what to do after running into this problem in Visible.

However, you shouldn’t worry because we are here to assist you.

Visible is one of the most popular phone services in the US, but it also occasionally has issues and errors that can completely ruin your day or perhaps even a week.

In this article, we will be showing you exactly how you can fix the issue of Visible eSIM not activating on your device and how you can fix it easily.

Why is Visible eSIM Stuck on Activation?

Visible Wireless Activation Problems & Solutions

When your Visible eSIM Card is stuck on activation then there can be certain reasons for that. The issues can range from having a glitch or bug in the phone itself to the software of eSIM, there can also be an issue with the completion of the activation process of your Visible eSIM.

Below we have listed the majority of those for your easy understanding, so let’s read!

  • There might be a glitch or error in your Phone due to which you can not activate the Visible eSIM Card.
  • The activation process was not completed properly.
  • You missed a step while completing the activation process.

How To Fix Visible eSIM Stuck on Activation?

To fix the Visible eSIM stuck on an activation you can try to go through the activation process again, restart your phone or contact the support team of Visible to take a look at your device.

Before you try any of the fixes below, make sure that your phone is compatible with Visible before porting your number in it. You can go here to check the device compatibility of your device in the Visible network. 

Phone compatibility check for Visible SIM card issues

1. Check the Activation process

The first thing that you need to make sure of is that you have a thorough knowledge of the activation process steps. 

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In case you are not sure how yto activate the eSIM Card make sure to check out the Visible website for the guide. You will need to have the account number and Transfer PIN that you had with your previous mobile network operator.

If you do not have these details you will not be able to activate your eSIM card successfully. Before you begin make sure to have all the details and then go through the activation steps slowly.

2. Try to Activate the eSIM Again

It could be that the activation process didn’t get completed correctly due to which your eSIM has not been able to get activated properly.

You can try to activate the eSIM again in that case. Make sure to have a strong internet connection as you will need it to download the eSIM on your phone.

3. Restart Your Phone

If you can not get past the activation page in your phone and the screen is stuck in it then you can try to restart your phone and then try to activate the eSIM card again.

There can be a glitch or bug in your phone due to which your eSIM got stuck in the activation process. Doing a restart will refresh the system of your phone and delete the bug.

4. Contact the Support Team

Contact Visible support team for eSIM activation stuck

If none of the above fixes helps then, you will have to contact the Visible support team and talk to them about this issue.

After you open the Support page you can click on Chat With Us option to chat with a member of the Visible Support Team.

There could be an issue with your device such as a compatibility problem, or there could be something wrong with the activation process or the eSIM itself.

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The agent from the Visible Support Team will be able to guide you in solving it.

What To Do Visible Wireless No Service After Activation or Port?

If you are unable to get any service on your Visible network even after activating the SIM card or porting your number to the Visible network then there can be an issue with the SIM Card itself or there can be a glitch or bug in the wireless which is preventing it from getting ant service. In case you are not under the area covered by Visible then also you will not be able to get any service on your phone.

To fix these issues you can change your location, reinsert your SIM after examining it thoroughly and cleaning it properly as well as doing restart for your phone.

Below we have discussed the fixes in detail.

1. Reinsert SIM Card

The first fix that you can try is to remove the SIM card from your phone and reinsert it in its slot properly again.

If the SIM Card wasn’t put in the slot correctly or it was having any issue inside the slot then pulling it out and then putting it back again would solve the problem.

2. Check Area Coverage of Visible Network

If your phone is not under the coverage area then that could be the reason for not being able to see service in your Wireless.

Try to go to a place with a better signal strength, which is within the coverage area of the Visible Network and you will be able to use the Visible connection without any issue.

3. Restart Your Wireless

When you notice that the Visible SIM Card isn’t working after activation, the next thing you can do is restart or reboot the phone to see if that resolves the problem.

Sometimes there could be a glitch or bug in the wireless device that might stop the SIM from working properly. In that case, restarting the phone will help in solving this issue.

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4. Clean the SIM Card Physically

Your SIM Card might have been dislodged or dust might have entered it. You can take it out and clean it gently and then place it again in your phone and see if it is working.

Make sure to clean within with a soft, smooth and dry cloth. After you are done cleaning the SIM Card put it back inside and power on the phone. 

5. Check the Porting process

Go through the porting process or the activation process that you have just finished completing.

Make sure to note the steps that you have followed and check whether you have missed any steps in between.

If you have missed any steps during your printing process then the chances are that your SIM card is not yet activated or ported properly.

You can try the activation process again or the porting process again and see whether that solves the issue with your SINM Card and let it become active.

6. Contact Visible Customer Support

Contact Visible customer support for Visible no service after activating SIM Card

There may be a problem with your Visible SIM Card if it is still not getting activated even after trying all these fixes.

Since you are unable to fix it yourself, you will need to get in touch with Customer Care of Visible to have it replaced as soon as possible.

To fix or replace it, you must get in touch with a Visible agent from their Support Team.

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