How To Fix Visible SIM Card Not Working

Are you having trouble with the SIM card of Visible? You might have taken a new Visible SIM card a few days ago but now you aren’t able to see it work at all.

Or it could be that you have been a member of the Visible family for a long time now but suddenly you are seeing that your SIM Card has stopped working.

The experience can be quite exhausting and frustrating. It’s also possible that you don’t know what to do after running into this problem with the Visible SIM card.

However, you shouldn’t worry because we are here to assist you. Visible is one of the most popular phone services in the US, but it also occasionally has issues and errors that can completely ruin your day or perhaps even a week.

In this article, we will be showing you exactly how you can fix the issue of the Visible SIM card not working on your device and how you can fix it easily.

Fix Visible SIM Card Not Working

Why Visible SIM Card Not Working?

When your Visible SIM Card is not working then there can be certain reasons for that such as there could be an issue with the SIM card itself, the SIM card might have become too dirty or have collected too much dust while in the slot, or being dislodged somehow from the slot in the phone.

In case you are not in an area covered by the Visible network that can also make your SIM card stop working. If your device isn’t compatible with the Visible SIM card then also it will not work. Not all devices are compatible with Visible Network.

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Below, we have listed the major reasons why your Visible SIM card might not be working at the moment.

  • There might be a glitch or error in your Phone due to which you can not use the Visible SIM Card.
  • The SIM Card is damaged or broken.
  • The SIM Card is dirty or dusty.
  • You are not inside the area covered by Visible Network.
  • The SIM card might have somehow become unlodged from its SIM Card slot.
  • The device isn’t compatible with a Visible SIM card.

How to Fix Visible SIM Card Not Working?

To fix the Visible SIM Card not workingissue, you can change try by changing your location, restart your phone, remove and reinsert the SIM Card and clean the SIM Card.

Before you try any of the fixes below, make sure that your phone is compatible with the Visible network. You can go here to check the device compatibility of your device in the Visible network. If your device is not compatible then you will have to use a device that is compatible with a Visible SIM card.

check phone compatibility  for Visible SIM card not working

Below, we have discussed the fixes in detail.

1. Check the Location

The location that you are in should be inside the coverage area of the Visible network or else you will not be able to use the service of Visible and feel as if your SIM Card is not working.

If your phone is outside the area of coverage then make sure to come back inside the areas that Visible covers or change your location and then you will be able to use your Visible SIM Card again without any issues.

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2. Check the Service Status of the Visible Network

If Visible is having a service outage at the moment then you might think that your SIM Card is not working as there will be no signal.

You can wait for some time and that should solve your SIM card not working issue. The chances are the technical team of Visible is working at the moment to solve the issue of service down and it should get resolved within a day if not hours.

3. Restart The Phone

When you notice that the Visible SIM Card isn’t working, the next thing you can do is restart or reboot the phone to see if that resolves the problem.

The device may occasionally have a bug or glitch that prevents the SIM from working as expected. Restarting the phone will then help in resolving the Visible SIM card not working problem.

4. Remove and Reinsert SIM Card

The next solution you might try is to take out and re-insert the Visible SIM card from your phone.

Pulling the SIM Card out of the slot and then putting SIM in the slot would have resolved the issue if it had been inserted incorrectly or was experiencing any other issues.

If your SIM card from Visible is quite old then it might have broken down. You could replace the SIM by contacting an agent of Visible and you should be able to use the SIM Card without any issues.

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5. Clean the SIM Card

It’s possible that dust got inside your SIM card or that it became dislodged. You can pull it out, do a quick cleaning, and then put it back in your phone’s slot to test whether it works.

Take care to use a dry, clean cloth to wipe the SIM gently. Put the SIM Card back in the phone after you’ve finished cleaning it, then turn it on. 

6. Contact the Visible Support Team

Contact Visible support team for SIM card not working

If your Visible SIM Card is still not functioning, there may be a problem with it. Since you are unable to fix it yourself, you will need to get in touch with Customer Care to have it replaced as soon as possible. To fix or replace it, you must get in touch with Visible’s staff.

After you go to the website, click on the option, Chat With Us and you will be able to talk to the Support members from there.

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