How To Fix US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working

Are you facing ‘US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working’? Wondering why you are not getting Voicemail notification on your US Cellular Network? Missing out important messages because of the issue?

No need to get frustrated, you got you. You will get to know What causes the US Cellular Notification Not Working and some best methods to fix the issue on yourself. 

US Cellular Voicemail is a great and effective way to avoid distraction but still get to be informed of your messages through Voicemail. This can be extremely frustrating if you are not notified of the important Voicemails. 

What Causes US Cellular Notification Not Working Issue?

The reasons for ‘US Cellular Notification Not Working’ may include having the Voicemail notification turned off, not being set up for voicemail on your mobile phone, not being connected to the US Cellular network, and issues with Voicemail storage on your mobile device.

1. Turned Off Voicemail Notification

Voicemail notifications are turned off on your mobile phone, this is the foremost reason for you facing the issue ‘US Cellular Network Voicemail Notification Not Working’ on your mobile device. 

You can easily fix this by turning on the Voicemail notification on your mobile settings to fix the issue on US Cellular Network. 

2. Not Set Up For Voicemail

Voicemail is not setted up on your mobile phone is another potential reason for the issue of US Cellular voicemail notification not working on your device. 

You might have changed your mobile phone or you have reset your phone to default settings recently, this might cause the Voicemail Not Set up on your mobile phone. You can solve the issue by just setting up voicemail on your phone.

3. Storage Of Voicemail

The limit for Voicemail storage is crucial for maintaining the Voicemail services without facing any trouble on your Voicemail on your mobile device.

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If you exceeded the limit for Voicemail Storage allotted by the Phone for Voicemail, then you might face the issue of not receiving voicemails, not able to view new voicemails or US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working.

You can solve this issue by deleting Voicemails that are not important by leaving abandoned space for further receiving Voicemails on your mobile storage. 

4. No Service On US Cellular Network

If you are not connected to the US Cellular Network, then you will not be able to experience your mobile plan benefits. This can cause ‘US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working’ on your mobile device.

‘No Service’ can happen due to various factors like enabled Airplane mode, not being on US Cellular Network coverage area, not having active US Cellular mobile plan and US Cellular network under maintenance in your area. You can resolve the No Service On US Cellular by following the detailed guide to fix the issue.

How To Fix US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working?

To fix the ‘US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working’ issue, you may restart your mobile device, enable Voicemail notifications, disable Airplane mode, set up Voicemail again, or clear the Voicemail storage.

The detailed fixes for ‘US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working’ are discussed below:

1. Restart Your Mobile Device

Restarting your mobile device will fix bugs and technical issues, this will fix the US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working’ on your device. 

Steps To Restart your Android Mobile To Fix Voicemail Notification Not Working: 

  • Press ‘Power Button’ on your mobile side 
  • Hold it for 5 to 10 seconds
  • A Pop- Up menu will appear
  • Select ‘Restart’ 
  • Wait until your device restart
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Steps To Power Off And Power On Your iPhone To  Fix ‘US Cellular Voicemail Notification  Not Working’: 

  • Select ‘Power Button’ on the side of your iPhone
  • Hold it for 10 seconds
  • ‘Drag to Power Off’ will appear 
  • Drag It
  • Your iPhone will power off
  • Wait for a few minutes, Press and Hold the Power Button

2. Turn On Voicemail Notification

Turning on Voicemail notification is the straightforward fix for resolving ‘US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working’. It will allow Voicemail to send notifications on your mobile device. 

Steps To Turn On Voicemail Notification On Your Mobile Device With US Cellular Network:

  • Go To ‘Phones’
  • Open ‘Phones’ app
  • Go to ‘Settings’ on Phone App
  • Select ‘Voicemail’
  • Select Voicemail Notification Setting
  • Turn On Notification

3. Set Up Voicemail On US Cellular SIM

If you have not setted up for Voicemail on your mobile phone, you have to set up for Voicemail first to resolve any issues with ‘US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working’. 

Steps To Set Up For Voicemail On Your Mobile On Your US Cellular Mobile Number: 

  • Go To ‘Phones’
  • Open ‘Voicemail’ by selecting Voicemail icon on the button of the mobile screen
  • Click ‘Set Up Voicemail’
  • Enter ‘Voicemail Pin’
  • Enter twice and Select ‘Confirm’
  • Select ‘Greeting’ 
    • Select ‘Default Greeting’
    • Or select ‘Custom Greeting’, record your custom 
  • Select ‘Done’
  • Send or ask your friend to send ‘Voicemail’

4. Turn Off Airplane Mode 

If you have turned On Airplane Mode,turn it off to receive and send text messages, call and Voicemail. This will fix the issue ‘US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working’. 

Steps To Turn Off The Airplane Mode To Enable Mobile To Connect With US Cellular Network:

  • Swipe Down the screen of your mobile to access ‘Quick Setting On Android’ or ‘Control center on iPhone’
  • Spot ‘Airplane Mode Icon’
  • If it is On, turn Off the Airplane Mode
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5. Clear voicemail Storage

Clearing Voicemails that are not important and old Voicemails from your mobile storage and solve the issue ‘US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working’ issue by providing enough space for New Voicemails on the phone.

Steps To Delete Unnecessary Voicemail To Provide The Required Space For Future Voicemails:

  • Go To ‘Phones’
  • Then, Go To ‘Voicemail’
  • Select All Voicemails or manually Select Voicemails You Wanted To Delete
  • Select ‘Delete’

6. Contact US Cellular Help center

If none of the above 5 methods helps you to solve the issue ‘US Cellular Voicemail Notification Not Working’ on your mobile device, you can contact the US Cellular Help center for assistance or any queries regarding their network on this notification issue.

Dial 888-944-9400 ‍, to contact US Cellular Network For Help.

You can also Visit their website for seeking help regarding US Cellular Network issue or Mobile Plan issue, visit US Cellular Support Website and select ‘Chat With An Agent’ for chatting with the US Cellular Network Agent online.