How To Fix Santander Cheque Deposit Not Showing

Have you recently deposited a cheque through your Santander account, but noticed that the funds are not appearing in your available balance?

If so, you’re not alone – delayed or missing cheque deposits can be a frustrating occurrence.

In this article, we will provide guidance on steps to take to resolve the issue of a Santander cheque deposit that is not showing in your account. 

Let’s dive into the steps to take so you can have your Santander cheque deposit showing in your account without delay.

How To Fix Santander Cheque Deposit Not Showing?

To fix the issue of the Santander cheque deposit not showing, you should verify the deposit details and transaction history and contact Santander customer support. Moreover, you may also submit a written dispute, and follow up regularly.

Below is a detailed explanation of the above-mentioned fixes:

1. Verify Deposit Details

Thoroughly check the physical cheque for the exact date written, who it is payable to, and the written and numeric amount.

Compare these details to your deposit receipt or online banking activity records. Verify the cheque was deposited into the correct Santander account you intended.

2. Check Transaction History

Log into your online Santander banking and carefully review account statements and transactions for the time period spanning 1 week before and after the deposit date.

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Look for any pending/failed transactions, holds, or discrepancies in the deposited amount. Expand the date range if needed.

3. Contact Santander Customer Support

Call Santander’s dedicated phone number or contact them directly during business hours.

Fully explain your issue to the representative, including all relevant details like cheque amount/date, your account details, and expected credit date.

They will likely ask follow-up questions – be prepared to provide additional information to aid their investigation.

4. Submit A Written Dispute

If speaking with support did not resolve it, use Santander’s online dispute form or mobile app to formally submit your dispute in writing.

Include copies of the physical cheque image/deposit receipt for reference. This triggers their review process.

5. Follow Up Regularly

Check in with customer support every 3-5 business days to inquire about the status and estimated timeframes for resolution.

Ask what steps they’ve taken so far and what to expect next in order to close the dispute.