How To Fix Mint Mobile Not Receiving Texts?

Are you not receiving text on your mint mobile? Wondering what causes the issue and don’t know how to fix this issue? This article will answer all your questions.

Mint mobile is a mobile network operator in the United States. It is owned by T-mobile services. There are 3,6 and 12 month plans in mint mobile. And it is all prepaid mobile plans.

Mint mobile has good coverage in the United states. Mint mobile says it has covered 99% of America. 

Why Mint Mobile Not Receiving Texts?

There are mainly 4 reasons for texts from other people not receiving on your Mint mobile.

1. Poor Network Coverage

If you don’t have proper network signals in the area you are using your Mint mobile, it results in delayed receiving and sending of texts, poor internet connections and interruption on calls.

Using mint mobile in a good coverage area is important..

2. Mobile And SIM compatibility

Incompatibility between the SIM card and its slot on mobile can restrict the proper usage of SIM card. 

Inappropriate placement of SIM cards can cause issues related to text receiving on your mobile phone.

3. Software Issues

Software Issues like Bugs, malware, storage and outdated software on the system cause various issues ranging from loading speed to not being able to download certain files. 

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4. Mobile Plans

Without a proper mobile plan you will not allow you to use the services provided by your carrier network. Hence, you will be able to send or receive texts for other people. 

How To Fix Mint Mobile Not Receiving texts?

1. Turn The Airplane Mode On And Off

If you are not receiving Texts, you might have a problem with connection with network signals. Try turning on Airplane mode for a while. It will disconnect you from the network.

Then turn it off, this will help to connect a new network signal. 

To turn on and off airplane mode, 

  • Go to phone’s home screen
  • Swipe down to open the quick setting screen
  • Touch the Airplane mode icon to on it 
  • After awhile touch it again to turn it off

2 . Restart Your Mobile

A simple restart will help you to solve the minor compatibility issues and fix apps problems.

It also clears the RAM data helping your mobile to run smoothly. Restart your device and see whether it helps or not, if not follow next steps.

3. Check Your Mint Mobile Plan Status

Check whether you have an active plan. To check,

  • Go to Mint mobile app or Mint Mobile website Login page
  • Log in with your phone number and password
  • In the home screen you will be able to see you plan
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If you are not having a current plan, you have to recharge your Mint mobile to start receiving texts again.

4. Clear Cache Of Messenger App

Clear Cache on your messenger app,

  • Go to settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Search for Messenger app
  • Go to storage and cache
  • Select ‘Clear cache’, if you are using iPhone select ‘Offload App’

Clearing messenger cache clears out the temporary files and helps speeding up the app’s performance. 

5. Update The Messenger App

Updating the Messenger app on your Mint mobile helps to solve the issues. Updates are for fixing old issues and to upgrade the user experience.

To update Messenger app,

  • Go to the app store
  • Go to profile
  • Select manage ‘apps and device’
  • Go to update available apps
  • Search for the messenger app
  • If it is there, update it.

6. Reinsert Your SIM Card Appropriately

Try removing and inserting your SIM card in your Mobile. 

To reinsert,

  • Open your SIM tray with eject pin
  • Remove your SIM card from SIM tray
  • Clean the SIM and tray with tissue
  • Now, place the SIM card correctly on the tray

If the issue is with the SIM card placement, this will help to resolve it.

7. Check The Network Coverage On Your Area

Check whether you are in a proper network covered area to be able to send and receive texts.

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To check,

If you are in a no coverage area try moving on a proper network covering area to be able to send the message.

8. Contact Customer Support

If none of the above ways solves the ‘Texts not receiving’ issue. Try contacting the Mint support services for guidance.

To conduct Mint Customer care, dial 800-683-7392. Or else select to chat with their expert on the Mint Mobile Help Center Website.