How to Fix “Not registered on network” on EE

Are you also getting the “Not registered on network” error message on EE?

EE is the second largest network provider in the United Kingdom.

People are getting the “Not registered on network” error message on their phones which are connected to EE networks.

If you are one of these people and are on the hunt for a solution, you have come to the right place!

This guide will go over details on the causes of this error message as well as how you can resolve it.

Read on to find out!

We are here to provide you with solutions for the “Not registered on network” issue you are facing with your EE sim. (image source: EE UK)

What Does “Not Registered on Network” Mean on EE?

The “Not Registered on Network” message on EE signifies that your phone cannot connect to the EE network.

This prevents your device from accessing services like calls, SMS, or mobile data.

The issue can stem from various causes, including SIM card, network, or phone software/hardware problems.

What causes “Not registered on network” error on EE

EE users have been getting this error message on their devices.

Users seem to be getting this “Not registered on network” error message randomly on their mobile devices, due to which they lose all connection and network.

This can be a major problem for many, as this means that you will be unable to receive or make calls using your EE number.

Here are some possible causes:

1. Issues with EE SIM

There may be some problems with the EE sim card that you have on your phone.

Over time, sim cards often get damaged, which leads them to not being able to function properly.

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Due to this, the sim card may not be able to connect to your local EE network, due to which you are getting that error message.

2. Technical Issues with EE or Your Phone

Some temporary technical issues may have led to you receiving the “Not registered on network” error message on your phone.

These technical issues may be glitches and bugs on your phone or with EE, or the network may simply be carrying out maintenance on nearby masts that have affected your connectivity.

How to Fix “Not registered on network” error on EE

1. Restart Your Phone

To reset any temporary technical glitches and bugs, you can reboot your phone.

This will also help restart your network connection in case that is where the temporary technical issues lie.

To reboot your phone, simply restart it by switching it off and then on.

Once it is rebooted, check your network connection again by seeing if you have service.

2. Check Your EE Network

If you are still facing the same issue even after restarting your phone, you can check if EE is facing any local network outages in your area.

You can check your local EE service status by following the steps as given:

  1. Visit the official EE Coverage & Network Status page.
  2. Enter your address or post code into the search bar.
  3. Enter your mobile device model name in the second box.
  4. Select the correct model from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click on Check status.
  6. This will show you information about any outages in the area near the selected address.
You can check your local EE network’s status and also sign up to be notified of any future outages.

If there are any network outages, the page will inform you of the same.

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You can also sign up to be notified of any network issues in the area in the future.

In case there is maintenance being carried out at the moment, you will simply have to wait until the process is done and services are restored.

Once services are restored, you will be able to use your EE network again without any issues.

3. Switch Phones for Your EE Sim

If there are no issues with your phone and the EE service status is functional, the issue might lie with your sim.

To check whether your sim is functioning or not, you can try using the same sim in a different phone.

  • If the sim works on a different phone, the problem lies with your phone.
  • If the sim does not work on a different phone, the problem lies with your sim.

4. Replace Your EE Sim

If your sim card is the root of the issue, you will have to get it replaced.

However, your current sim can only be replaced if you fulfil one of the following conditions:

  • Your current sim is damaged.
  • Your current eSIM has been deleted from your phone.
  • Your sim was stolen or lost.
  • Your sim is no longer compatible with your new device.

Usually, EE sends a new compatible sim when you get a new phone.

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If you do not meet even one of the given conditions above, you will not be able to get a new sim from EE.

If you said yes to one or more conditions, you can reach out to them for getting a new sim by dialling 150 (if you are calling from an EE phone), or 07973 100 150 (if calling from a non EE phone).

You can also visit your nearest EE outlet with valid identity proof, such as a passport or a UK photocard driver’s licence.

Alternatively, you can also log in to your My EE account and place an order for a new sim.

4. Reach Out to EE Customer Service

If none of the previous methods worked, you can reach out to EE’s customer service so that they can help you out.

To get in touch with EE Customer support, visit their Contact Us page or browse through various topics on their Help & Support site.

They will then provide you with their assistance to resolve the problem accordingly.

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