How to Fix Discord Profile Banner Not Saving

Discord is one of the popular applications that is fast growing in their communities.

Through discord a user can chat in various different communities with like minded people.

In Discord there are various servers that you can join and make friends with.

There are multiple users inside servers who discuss and chat regarding the topic that the server is all about.

Discord enables its users to use various profile banners so that the user can have that feeling of uniqueness.

However, it becomes an annoyance when you are unable to save the banner that you’ve worked on to make your profile look better than others.

Discord profile banner not saving issue can be due to some reasons:

  1. Your discord banner image is over 10mb.
  2. Discord is not supporting some images formate as like .gif format.
  3. Your discord configuration change rate limit has been reached.

First check whether your banner size is over 10 mb. If it is over 10 mb then try to reduce the size by compressing the file.

Try to keep the size below at least 9 mb for discord banner.

Second, is your file format in .gif format?

Sometimes Discord do not allow .gif format to be uploaded as a banner.

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If that is the case happening with you, try to use a still image(.jpg) instead of the .gif image.

Thirdly, if your picture is still not uploading then maybe you have been rate limited by discord.

Discord has the policy of limiting the rate of time a user is interacting inside the app.

If you have been trying lots of time to upload your image or you have clicked multiple times to do it, discord will think that you are trying to spam the app and that you are a bot.

Discord will automatically stop taking commands from you for a few minutes.

You can stop it for a few minutes, have a nice cup of coffee and then again get back to it after sometime and try to upload the banner for once without spamming the click button.

However, some users are having this issue even after trying all above mentioned steps that they still not able to upload the banner.

In that case it is either a bug within the discord system or a technical glitch.

If that is the case then the issue will be solved by Discord themselves and you will be able to upload your favourite banner after that.

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