How to Fix Character AI App Login Not Working

Users experience login issues more frequently than you think, there are many reasons and solutions to it. Keep reading till the end to find out the solution. is an artificial intelligent software chatbox that allows users to chat with fictional characters.

According to 2023 July, Character AI statistics says there are 54,218,750 unique monthly users have.

Why Character AI App Login Not Working

There are few reasons for the login issue.

1. Server Down

While you are trying to login, the server might be down at the particular time. Server down period can make users experience worse and cause certain issues like lag in the chat, login issue and increased loading time. 

Hence, always the server status if you struggle with a login issue on because it is a frequent thing that takes place on the app.

2. App Is Under Maintenance

There is a chance that the app might be under maintenance in the time you are using. Check if the app is under maintenance on their official website or you will be noticed on the app itself sometimes.

3. Incorrect Login Information

Apart from the app’s server and maintenance issues, it can be due to incorrect login information we provide. Crosscheck the information you have given.

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Check your username and password. You might be using incorrect facebook, google or apple accounts.Different from the one you signed up on

4. Software Issue

There is a chance that software issues can also be issues like login issues due to incompatibility between server and the app or due to software bugs.

How to Fix Character AI App Login Not Working

If your username and password is correct and you are facing the issue, follow the ways to solve ‘Login issue’ on

Try to login through alternative login method

1. Clear App Cache

Clearing app cache will delete the temporary files the app previously stored and helps the app to run smoothly. 

To clear cache on Android,

  • Go  to Settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Search for and Select it
  • Go to ‘Storage and Cache’
  • Select ‘Clear Cache’

To clear Cache on iPhone, 

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to General
  • Select iPhone Storage
  • Search for
  • Select ‘Offload app’

2. Try using Another Network

If you are using your mobile data, try to use wifi and vice versa. This might help to log in into your account. 

This can resolve the network problem if that is what the reason for the login issue.

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3. Force Stop The App

Force stop the app. This will help the app escape from the glitch if it is experiencing it. 

To Force stop on Android,

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to apps
  • Select app
  • Select ‘Force Stop’

On an iPhone you might not be able to force stop an app, but you restart your device. That will do the same thing as force stop.

4. Update App is a developing app, hence try to keep it up-to-date for a better experience. 

To update the app

  • Go to app store
  • Search for ‘’
  • Click Update if the update is available

5. Try Updating Your Device Software

The compatibility between the device and app is the issue, it might be solved by updating your software.

To update your software, 

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to System
  • Go to System update
  • If an update is available, update it.

6. Contact Help Center

If none of them works, try to contact the support team. To contact them through email, use

Or else Submit a request on request website. 

Select the type of the issue.

Then fill the required information and add the image of your login page after entering the correct email and password.