How To Fix App Not Active Error While Log In Through Facebook Account On Character.AI

Not able to login through your Facebook account on is it showing ‘App Not Active’ error? You are not alone. There are a bunch of people facing this issue. Know why the issue occur and How To Fix App Not Active Error While Log In Through Facebook Account On Character.AI. is an artificial intelligent chatbot allowing user to develop characters and chat with fictional, historical and celebrity characters. You can enjoy making conversation with and it does not disappoint you. It feels like a real conversation.

You can ask question, brainstorm, get advice and talk about any thing you want to the advanced AI on

What Causes ‘App Not Active’ Error While Log In Through Facebook On

There are mainly very few important reason for this issue happening.

From July 24, 2023, Users are facing ‘App Not Active’ and this indicates that Facebook login is being disabled. It seems like working on this issue.

1. Is Under Maintenance is only founded on 2021. And its beta version was release on September 2022. Hence, we all have to remember that is a child needs lots of improvement.

It has increasing demand and its frequently being updated.

2. Gliches On

As already said, is in its development stage. Hence, there are technical gliches in a minor or major form, but it frequently happening things on the app or website.

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This can cause Login issues while you try to login through your Facebook account.

3. Issues With Your Facebook Account

Facebook account issues like not using your Facebook account can cause login issues in while you are trying to use your Facebook account.

How To Fix App Not Active Error While Logg In Through Facebook Account On Character.AI

Though, this issue occur regularly it doesn’t mean you can’t solve them all the time. You can resolve this logging in with Facebook issue with the following ways.

1. Check The Server Status of

Always check the downtime of before using it. To check their downtime

2. Force stop App

If the issues are due to a glich, try force stopping the app. This will stop the app from working on background and put it an dormant period.

To Force stop

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to apps
  • Search for
  • Open
  • Select ‘Force Stop’

Then try opening the app and login using your Facebook account.

3. Update App Or Browser

Always remember that needs a lot of improvement, hence update it regularly to have escape from gliches and technical issues.

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Check for update for, if the version you use is an oldest one. Update it right away.

If you use from your browser. Try updating your browser this will help you to have a smooth experience and fix the certain issue that only happens in the old version.

To update your browser,

  • Open your Browser
  • Go to browser menu
  • Select ‘Help’
  • Select ‘ About the browser’
  • Check for update
  • If it is available, click ‘Update’

4. Clear Browser Or App Cache

Clearing Cache helps to run the app or browser without any overload of temporary data. Our device and apps store temporary data to make them run smoothly but it does not clear it self. Hence, it is important for the users to clear cache manually.

To Clear App cache,

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Search for
  • Go to Storage and Cache
  • Select ‘Clear Cache’

To clear Browser Cache

  • Go to Browser menu
  • Select ‘More tools’
  • Select ‘Clear browser data’
  • Click the boxes next to ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘cached files and images’
  • Finally click ‘clear data’

5. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device can temporarily solve minor issues, if the problem is your device software. Hence, try restarting your device.

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For mobile,

  • Press the Power button
  • Hold it for 5 to 10 seconds
  • Now select ‘restart’ in the pop up menu that appear

For computer, pc or laptop

  • Select Start button
  • Select ‘Power button’
  • Click ‘Restart’

6. Update Your Device Software

Check whether you are using the latest software version on your device. If not update it. They improve the user experience, adds new feature and fix bugs.

To update software,

  • Go to setting
  • Search for updates and security
  • Search for Update
  • Select update