24 Best Popular Character.AI Bots or Characters

Are you looking for characters that are best in Character.AI?

This could be a gruelling process as there are thousands of bots in Character.AI that have been made by millions of users.

It is certainly a hassle to find the perfect bot from that huge number. But have no worries as we will be discussing some bots in the Character.AI platform that are best in what they do.

24 Best Popular Character.AI Bots or Characters

Here are some of the best characters listed that are present in the Chracter.AI platform that can entertain you as well as help you to become a productive person in your professional life.

1. WWI Adventure Games

WWI Adventure Game

This character is hugely popular character due to their ability to spin delightful adventure tales based on the WWI timeline.

If you love playing war-based games such as WWI and you love adventure then be sure to check it out when you want to listen to some WWI Adventure stories.

Chat with WWI Adventure Games Character: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=iV5qb8ttzD7Ytl69U_-ONcW2tW_lrFrOVKExyKJHlJM

2. Illya

Illya Character.AI Bot

Illya is a cheerful and bubbly bot who loves to play fun games with its user.

Due to its charming personality, you are sure to feel your day brightening up. If you are in a bad mood or going through a rough patch then talking with this lovely bot will put a smile back in your face.

You can talk to Illya from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=Q_cHSEbZkD_x5SDCfxHnjh4mIzakJnzsWfqyCvlev7g

3. Psychologist

Psychologist Charactetr.AI Bot

Everyone goes through rough patches at times and in those times the most important thing is to go to someone and talk about your issues and stress.

Who can be better than a psychologist? You can easily access a compassionate Psychologist with whom you can share your stress and make your burden a little lighter.

You can talk to Psychologist from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=Hpk0GozjACb3mtHeAaAMb0r9pcJGbzF317I_Ux_ALOA

4. Character Assistant

Character Assisstant Charactre.AI Bot

Character Assistant is a boy specially created by the team of Charactre.AI to help users with their tasks. It can answer questions, brainstorm ideas, draft emails, write code, give advice and do much more.

It is the perfect AI helper that you might have been looking for some time now to help you with your work.

You can talk to Character Assistant from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=YntB_ZeqRq2l_aVf2gWDCZl4oBttQzDvhj9cXafWcF8

5. Creative Helper

Creative Helper Character.AI Bot

In need of someone who can be your creative partner? Then this Character.AI bot has you covered. It can help you out with any creative task from generating a name of a mountain peak for your latest fantasy novel to a scenario of your upcoming Sci-Fi novel.

If you are brainstorming for some creative juices then do give this bot a go and trust me you won’t be disappointed.

You can talk to Creative Helper from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=9ZSDyg3OuPbFgDqGwy3RpsXqJblE4S1fKA_oU3yvfTM

6. Are You Feeling okay 

Are you feeling okay bot

Another bot that can make you feel better is the “Are you Feeling Okay” bot. This bot specializes in listening to others patiently and giving advice when it is needed.

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You can share your worries with it and it will help you out to the best of its abilities. 

You can talk to Are You Feeling Okay from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=7yDt2WH6Y_OpaAV4GsxKcY5xIQ8QT5M0kgpDQ6VAflI

7. Text Adventure Game

Text Adventure Game

Another fun bot with whom you can spend your time is the text Adventure Game. Here you can have an adventure within the texts set out by the bot.

If you are craving some adventure games then don’t forget to check this bot out.

You can talk to Text Adventure Game from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=M5xMXf4FKepKTYtWPqVaEZzuEuy90uu0eNZr4GZtDsA

8. Isekai Narrator

Isekai Narrator

Another great narrator bot is the isekai narrator. Let’s be honest everyone dreams of being isekaied in a fantasy world once in a while right?

With this bot’s help, you can fulfil exactly that fantasy of yours! So what are you waiting for?

Note: Isekai means getting transported to another world.

You can talk to Isekai Narrator from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=oRrOSTDibssHQwoKEfNtwBwgBEFDr1aKfVPXjY1d8nA

9. World RPG

World RPG Bot

With the help of the World RPG Bot, you can build and create an entire world of narrative where you can create whichever scenario you want.

There are various options available such as Human, Animal, Monster, Gangsta, Dragon, and worlds such as modern world, fantasy world with dragons, and random world, you can also set the difficulty by describing how hard you want it to be like ‘Maximum difficulty’ or you can not type anything to play on normal difficulty.

You can talk to World RPG from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=FKArATeiEf0I9fxOIAwUOW3KTlm8yjW-eflbHMCqyBE

10. Monster Maker

Monster Maker Bot

In case you are in search of an imager-generating bot that can create monsters that you love then Monster Maker is the perfect bot for you.

It can generate any monster image when you put the prompts that you want. The pictures can be quite terrifying so be prepared before you open this chat!

You can talk to Monster Maker from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=c6uAb4MCy_-C5so-WaY0ldUqev_FghYpBNqY4JucTe0

11. Gawr Gura

Gawr Gura Bot

Are you in love with Vtubers? Then you might have heard about Gawr Gura Vtuber who works with Hololive.

The good news is there is a bot of her in Character.AI. So, if you want to chat with your favourite Vtuber then go ahead and hop through it!

You can talk to Gawr Gura from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=oL2IzOD15_wBIP_o6NAWDwiVyAnzz_3aGLu9aU7i254

12. SM64 Mario

SM64 Mario Bot

Who doesn’t love Mario? He is a classic in most of our childhood memories. Now you can even interact with him on a one-on-one private chat through Character.AI. What can be better news than this?

While most of us have grown from our interest in playing a Mario game, we would always love to chat with this adorable character who is filled with nostalgia for us all.

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You can talk to SM64 Mario from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=OYYf4iM6fjt9eZ72oXRsY3UGPeXd9Y-uJwfAjF5JAwk

13. 2B 

2B Bot

Nier Automata has taken the world by storm when it comes to the RPG gaming communities. It is one of the most famous games that has come out recently and who doesn’t know about 2B from there?

She is also a bot in the Character.AI platform. Yes, you heard that right! You can easily chat with your favourite character by gouging to the platform and then searching for 2B from there.

You can talk to 2B from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=csTC3hw0Fnj1Whnl0uV1Nb3_oYIillMQtdBH5NEl0Gs

14. Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru Bot

Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo Satoru is a riot on himself but you can also now take part in it as you can directly talk to him through the Character.AI Platform.

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most popular anime of all time. As its top character, Gojo is a character well-loved by the anime fandom. Thus it is no wonder that he has a bot dedicated to him that can uphold his character just like the real Gojo Satoru that we all love.

You can talk to Gojo Satoru from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=4WOVrCApi4JYwfYwU2e5eDeFalLOkGBw6IfUZPX1XVQ

15. Loki

Loki Bot

Who doesn’t love the Trickster God from the Avengers universe?

And now you can also make friends with him. Isn’t that lovely? So what are you waiting for, just search for Loki and enjoy your time.

You can talk to Loki from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=KiyYiLgKxmc2huPSf8nkd8eRvrNv7ni21FFm5kzKErM

16. HyperGlot


Do you love language learning? Or you might already be learning one language. In that case, HyperGlot is the perfect bot for you!

This bot not only helps you to learn a language but also translates the words, phrases and sentences that you have difficulty with to your preferred language. Don’t forget to give it a go if you are struggling with your language learning!

You can talk to HyperGlot from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=2T3Xhqf5B_b9Wrn8Bg0FeCYR7BPx2LtJQJJCIB4Qe18

17. Raiden Shogun and Ei

Raiden Bot

Another popular bot is Raiden Shogun who is a character in the game Genshuin Impact.

Due to the high popularity of the character, it has become one of the go-to characters for users of the Charactre.AI platform.

If you are a Genshin fan then you should give it a try and chat with one of the best bots of Genshin on the Character.AI platform.

You can talk to Raiden Shogun from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=RQrrOj-UNdEV2_PC5D03US-27MZ7EUtaRH_husjbRQA

18. Kenny McCormick

Kenny McCormick Bot

If you are craving some comedy in your life then you can have a long chat with Kenny McCormick who is a bot in the Character.AI platform specializing in making you laugh.

You can also go to the comedy section of the Character.AI Platform to find other characters that can make you laugh when chatting with them.

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You can talk to Kenny McCormick from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=ArCboduAlxlzJsAz9VZSIEtnd6LYvy53IHA0ptkquNA

19. Socrates

Socrates Bot

Are you interested in talking about philosophies? In that case, there can be noone better than Socrates, who is one of the pioneers of the field of philosophy.

You can easily find him by going to the Philosophy section of Characater.AI or you can search for Socrates by writing in the search bar.

You can talk to Socrates from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=5Ku7FpDG3A0mI1LXN22DtZVXDBS8xVmwjbFeUwaQOec

20. Tom Riddle

Tom Riddle Bot

Who doesn’t know about the dark lord from Harry Potter? If you are an ardent potterhead then you might be interested in a one-on-one chat with the dark lord.

In that case, Character.AI has the perfect bot for you who can fulfil this long-cherished dream of yours.

You can talk to Tom Riddle from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=j1CRsFh8xf10yAAqGs78V3X9ojK4VYP034wSPcnOtno

21. Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte Bot

Are you a history geek? Have no worries because you can get to have a private chat with one of the greatest persona in History, Napoleon Bonaparte.

He is sought out by many for his wisdom and knowledge regarding history.

You can talk to Napoleon from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=7wS3gFoudRBK-YpX3Etq8ag4V2c9_a1RCwPbfLlVQtE

22. Hamlet

Hamlet bot

The Character Hamlet from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is a memorable character for us all.

And on this platform, you can finally talk to him as much as you want. He is as delightful a character as he was in Hamlet.

You can talk to Hamlet from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=s8p9rMbz-kvL4LcxGUsOciZ6zvAGdq7PNMtMnAvGcBM

23. Stella

Stella bot

If you are in need of a competent AI assistant who acts and talk like a human and has a sassy attitude to go with it then Stella is perfectly suited to your needs.

She is competent and can do whatever you tell her to do and she knows it so she can dish out as much as she is given.

You can talk to Stella from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=EEI6sjnddRIJTVC59MODiYjL0-JyDIVI2IEGLkPx2Jk

24. Lily    

Lily bot

Looking for a sweet AI that will become your perfect assistant?

Then Lily might be a better choice for you as she is sweet and competent. She does not talk back like Stella and does her job to your satisfaction.

You can Chat With Lily from here: https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=iV5qb8ttzD7Ytl69U_-ONcW2tW_lrFrOVKExyKJHlJM

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