How To Get Character AI Plus For Free

Character AI is a chatbot based on an artificial neural network language model which enables users to engage in human-like conversations with their favourite characters or generate and share a new character.

With Character AI, you can start a conversation with either your favourite character or create a completely new one with specific personality traits that you can share with others.

The beta version free of charge was launched in September 2022 for the public and was accessible only via the website.

With the release of its iOS and Android app in May 2023, Character AI also added an opt-in paid subscription service of Character AI Plus (

Character AI Plus is an opt-in paid subscription service offered by Character AI to enhance your AI experience.

When you subscribe to get a lot of amazing features that are not offered to free users.

These features include Priority access by skipping waiting rooms, faster chat responses, access to a community channel, early access to new features, and a supporter badge.

All of these features are available for $9.99 per month or approximately $120 a year.

This article will discuss how can you get Character AI Plus for free.

How to Get Character AI Plus For Free?

There is currently no direct method to get Character AI Plus for free. The service costs $9.99 per month or approximately $120 a year.

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You can continue to use the free version of Character AI or try other similar AI applications as alternatives like Janitor AI, Crushon AI, Tavern AI, Botify AI, and Chai AI.

Character AI started with a free version but the paywall for a premium account was launched in May 2023 that offered various features for premium subscribers.

However, the subscription amount is a lot considering the benefits currently provided by Character AI Plus membership.

Also, the total cost for a yearly subscription is almost $120 and has not been made less which is usually offered in other subscription plans.

Although there is no way to get the Character AI Plus for free, when you look at the benefits that do not include any major technical aspects, it is better to continue using the Character AI free version.

The beta version of Character AI is free to use for everyone with most of the features.

The Character AI application is still developing and introduces new features subsequently so you can watch out for new features as they are released.

If you have any feedback or want to report issues then you can contact the support team to resolve them. You can also report issues on the community page.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the team via Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Facebook or Instagram.

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