How to Earn Money on Slicethepie

If you like to review things then with Slicethepie you can earn money for every review you leave.

Slicethepie is the review website that pays you to leave a review for artists, brands and record labels that helps them to make informed decisions for their products based on your review.

You get to earn money for every review that you submit and with better reviews you can earn more money.

All you have to do is sign up to join the worldwide reviewers after which you will receive an email to confirm your account.

After you confirm just log in to your account and select the category from music, clothing, mobile phones and accessories to start leaving review and get paid for each review.

If you are intrigued by the Slicethepie website and want to know more about the earnings and payment methods then read on.

This article will discuss why should you choose Slicethepie, the money you can earn, how much Slicethepie pays and whether the Slicethepie app is real or fake.

Why Choose Slicethepie For Online Earnings?

You should choose Slicethepie for online earnings because of its simple sign-up process that lets you earn money by leaving a review either on the website or the app.

When Slicethepie was initially launched in 2007 it only had the option to leave reviews for music tracks and record labels.

Now, they have added more categories like clothing brands, mobile phones and accessories to review on their website.

Just write detailed and precise reviews for whatever category you select to help the artists and brands make decisions about their products.

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To review you only need an internet connection with a minimum speed of 300kbps and start reviewing.

How Much Money Can You Earn On Slicethepie?

You can earn enough money from Slicethepie but it is not a huge amount because your earning for each review depends on your star rating. If your star rating is low then you will not get paid as much as someone with a higher star rating.

You can get paid anywhere between $0.01 and $0.20 for each review. The payment will also depend on the category you choose, its demand and your consistency in leaving reviews.

You can also leave a bonus review to earn more. The bonus reviews change every day so someday it can be TV shows, advertisements or others.

For bonus reviews, you can earn $1 to $2 per hour so if you can spare time then bonus reviews will help you make more money.

Another way to maximize your earning is through friend referrals offered by Slicethepie which is unlike other referral program that usually includes a one-time reward.

With Slicethepie when you refer a friend, they have to sign up to the website using your unique code and start leaving reviews.

After they leave reviews, you receive 20% during the first 60 days and then 10% after that for each review they write.

You can find your link by clicking on “Refer a Friend” located at the top of the screen of the website.

How To Earn Money On Slicethepie?

It is very easy to earn money on Slicethepie by leaving reviews for various categories based on your choice. If you are new to Slicethepie then, just Sign up for the website, select the category and start reviewing.

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To earn money on Slicethepie, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Slicethepie website.
  • Then, click on “Sign up”.
  • Fill in your details and agree to the terms and privacy policy by checking the box. Finally, click on “Join”.
  • You will receive an email to confirm your account. Click on it.
  • After confirmation, log in to your account.
  • Select the category to review.
  • Write a detailed and specific review and rate the product that you are reviewing. Answer any other questions about the product.
  • Finally, “Submit” your review.

After you submit the review, you can go on to the next one and see the earnings at the top of the screen for each review.

After you have collected $10 for reviews, you can receive the money in your PayPal account.

How Much Does Slicethepie Pay?

Slicethepie pays $0.01 and $0.20 for each review and there is also a bonus review that pays $1 to $2 per hour. With extra time you can leave bonus reviews to maximize your earnings.

The bonus review categories change every day and based on the priority you can earn more.

You can see the earnings on top of the screen for each review. The minimum pay for withdrawal from a PayPal account is $10.

How Long Does It Take For Slicethepie To Pay You?

Slicethepie offers an opportunity to earn with each review and when write a detailed review your star ratings will improve which will help you earn more per review.

The minimum pay for the PayPal withdrawal is $10 which can take up to 5 days to process. The Slicethepie team first reads all the reviews that you write.

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All the payments are then made on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you can expect it in your account within 5 working days to process.

If it is over 5 days and you have not received the amount in your account then you can write an email at to get it resolved.

Is the Slicethepie App Real Or Fake?

The Slicethepie app is real and available for both iOS and Android devices to download with a very easy-to-use interface.

The app is made in a way to use it anytime anywhere to leave a review so you can earn even on the go. It also has so many positive reviews and payment proof that it is a legit app.

However, the pay-per-review is much less and you have to leave a detailed review to earn more. It also takes a long time to cash out which can be frustrating for some people.

You can rely on the Slicethepie app to earn a small amount of money to cover your very basic expenses and cannot be considered for a full-time job to earn money.

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