How To Check Voicemail On Landline From a Cell Phone? With 3 Easy Steps

Do you want to access or Check Voicemail On Landline from a Cell Phone? Is it mysterious for you to check Voicemail on your landline? Any of your friends said they sent you a Voicemail on your landline and you wanted to hear them desperately?

No more mystery, you can access and check the voicemails you received and send people voicemail from your landline by following the methods mentioned in the articles. Just give a look through the article to know the method. 

Doubting that the landline allows Voicemail services? Nothing you doubt on, it does allow you to send Voicemail but you can’t see Voicemail you received from your friends and family.

Don’t worry, you can always access the voicemails received on your landline number with another mobile phone.

How To Check Voicemail On Landline From A Cell Phone?

To access Voicemail on Landline from a cell phone, call your landline number or dial *86, press * at the Voicemail prompt, and enter your pin or password.

The 3 steps for accessing Voicemail from another mobile device are explained in detail in the following article:

1. Dial *86 Or Your Mobile Number

The first step for accessing or to check Voicemail on Landline From A cell phone is to dial your mobile number or *86 from the cell phone. Wait until you hear a Voicemail prompt dictated by the AI or in robot voice on the call you made.

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This method will enable you to access the Voicemail menu through the phone call. 

2. Enter Star (*) In The Dial Pad

When you hear the prompt by the AI or the robot about accessing Voicemail, you have to enter the star symbol on your left bottom last option on your dial pad. You should enter the star symbol in the dial pad that shows inside the call. 

Entering any number or symbol on the Phone dial pad outside the call will not provide anything regarding Voicemail accessing. After this step, follow the last step to check Voicemail on landline from a cell phone.

3. Enter Your Landline Voicemail Pin Or Password

After following the first two steps, you will be able to hear instructions for accessing or to check Voicemail on landline from a cell phone. Follow the instructions and enter the options suitable for the process of checking Voicemails on Landline.

After all the instructions, you will be asked to enter your Voicemail pin or password for verification purposes. Hence, for verification it should be the correct password or Voicemail pin. If you forgot your Voicemail password, reset the Voicemail Password before trying to check your landline Voicemail. 

After following all 3 steps you will be able to listen and check Voicemail on landline from a cell phone. 

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You should have initiated the Voicemail on your Landline number, if you do not initialize or set up Voicemail on your landline number then you will not be able to send or access Voicemails. People will not be able to send you Voicemail on your Landline.

How To Set Up Voicemail On Landline?

To set up Voicemail on landline, dial *86 or your mobile number, select a language, set Voicemail password, record your name, select greeting methods as default or customize with recording your greeting and you are done setting up the Voicemail. 

These following steps will enable the Voicemail service, you will be able to check Voicemail on landline from a cell phone.

Steps For Setting Up Voicemail On Landline Through Mobile Call From Your Landline Number:

  • First Dial *86 for US Cellular Services or Your Landline Mobile Number. The dialing number  will change depending on your Carrier Network.
  •  Then Select language as Spanish or English of your choose
  • Set a Voicemail Password, it should be unique and have 4 to 15 characters. Avoid using repeating numbers or entering consecutive numbers as Voicemail password
  • Record Your Name
  • Then, you have to Select Greetings
    • Select default greeting, if you wanted to use a greeting of a robot or default voice 
    • Select custom greetings, if you want to record and set it as your unique voicemail greeting
  • You are all set with setting up Voicemail on your landline number
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These are the steps to set up Voicemail on your landline number, thereby enabling access and to check Voicemail on landline from a cell phone. 

if you are facing with any Voicemail issue, don’t hesitate to check out the articles on our page to resolve the issue. Are your TracFone Voicemail Not Working? Or US Cellular Voicemail Not Working? try to resolve it before checking Voicemail on another cell phone.