What Does “Cash App Payment Will Deposite Shortly” Mean

Do you get the “Pending Payment will Deposit Shortly” on the Cash app? Are you worried about the Cash App pending payment? Do you know the Cash app payment will deposite shortly meaning of the message? Why does this message occur to you? What can you do when you get the message?

No need to get frustrated. We have all the answers to your concerns on the payment message. You can read the article till the end for answers.

Cash App is a facilitated for online transactions. It is available in the United States and the United Kingdom. You can make or receive payments with ease on the mobile app. You can check your bank balance and manage your account on the app. 

If you are getting the pending payment message, you are not alone. This error is happening frequently in recent times. And it is possible to resolve the issue. 

What Does “Cash App Payment Will Deposite Shortly” Mean

The “Cash app payment will be deposited shortly” means that the app accepted the payment. Once the recipient agrees to receive the transaction in the app, they deposit the transaction amount in the bank account. It can happen for several reasons. 

Why Does The Cash App Say Pending Payment Will Deposit Shortly?

The pending payment can be due to the recipient not accepting the transaction, not having activated their account, the Cash app server issues, insufficient funds on your account, and Cash app security reasons.

The reasons for the payment will deposit shorty are in details below. Go through all the causes to gain an understanding.

1. Recipient Has To Accept To The Payment

In the Cash app, users can enable a feature to not allow payments without them accepting it. Your pending payment message is due to the recipient’s payment settings. 

They have to accept your payment on their mobile device. It will allow the deposition of your payment amount in their bank account.

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If you are the recipient, you should accept the payment on your Cash app. It will allow the app to deposit the cash.

2. Recipient Not Activated Their Cash App Account

The payment pending message can be due to not activating the cash account. One should have a cash app account to receive payments through the app. 

Making a transaction with a person without an account is not allowed on the app. Once the person activates their account, your transaction will get processed. 

You can ask the recipient to activate their account to resolve the issue. If you receive a payment request, you can either accept it or cancel it. Accepting the payment will deposit the amount in the bank account.

3. Server Issue On The Cash App

Server issues on the app can cause payment problems. It can lead to pending payment or payment failure. 

You can check the Cash App status before making transactions on the app to prevent transaction problems. 

You can check the Service Status of the app on the Cash App Status page. You can see the history of server issues and current server status in the app.

If you made a transaction while the Cash app face server issues, the process will resume once the server downtime ends. 

4. Insufficient Funds In Your Bank Account

Not having a sufficient bank balance to make the transaction can lead to payment failure. Sometimes, it can cause incomplete transactions in the app.

You can receive the pending payment message because of insufficient funds. You can resolve the issue by depositing cash in your bank account. They will deposit the amount once you have sufficient bank balance.

5. Due To Security Reasons

If your cash app account detects any security issues, they will restrict activities on your account. It might not allow you to make transactions on the app, or they will keep it pending.

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You can contact the Cash app for security reasons. You can also request them to remove restrictions on your account.

The five causal factors for Payment will deposit shorty message on the Cash app is above. 

How Long Does The Pending Cash App Deposite Takes?  

The pending payment on the Cash App takes twenty-four to forty-eight hours. The recipient should accept the transaction for the cash app to deposit the amount. 

You can contact the Cash App Customer Service if the issue persists after two business days. They will take suitable measures. 

How To Accept Payments On The Cash App?

Accepting the payment on the Cash app can fix the pending payment issue. To accept the payment, open the app, go to activity, select Pending transactions, and accept the pending transaction.

If your payment is pending, you can accept it on the Cash app. They will deposit the cash in your bank account once you accept it.

Steps To Accept A Payment To Fix Cash App Payment Will Deposite Shorty:

  • Open the Cash App. You can download and log in to the app if you uninstalled it. You can search for it in the app store and download it.
  • Select the Activity option. Select the Clock Icon at the bottom of the Cash app.
  • Now, you can see the Pending Transactions on the Cash App.
  • Choose a Pending Payment you want to accept.  The pending payments are at the top of the activity page. 
  • Select the Plus Symbol to Accept the Transaction. It will enable the app to deposit the cash in your bank account.

What You Can Do To Fix The Cash App Payment Will Deposit Shortly Issue?

To resolve the “Payment will deposit shorty” in the Cash app, try to contact the recipient. Check your bank account. 

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You can ask the recipient to accept the transaction. Ask the recipient to activate their account on Cash App if they deactivated it or not uninstalled it recently. 

It will help you resolve the issue. You can see the Cash App maintenance or server status on the Cash App status website. 

How To Contact The Cash App Customer Service?

You can contact the Cash App Customer Service to resolve the payment pending issue on your account. They will assist you in resolving the issue.

To contact the Customer service, dial 1 (800) 969-1940. They are available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm EST. 

You can also contact them on their social media platforms. Visit the Contact Cash App Support Website. You will be able to see their ID on all social media apps on the website. You can connect with them on any one of the platforms.

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